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General InformationEdit

Name: Etris Reia Roseshield
Age: 57*
Gender: Female
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Hunter
Guild: Union of Mercenaries
Place of Birth: Silvermoon City
Residence: Fairbreeze Village
Fluent Languages: Thalassian, Orcish, Sevennan
Other Known Languages: Gutterspeak, Demonic, Troll, Taurahe, Draconic


  • Ao'thai Roseshield (father, deceased)
  • Fanath Roseshield (mother, deceased)
  • Andu'thal Roseshield (elder brother, deceased)
  • Erine Roseshield (elder sister)
  • Reia Roseshield (younger sister, deceased)

(*Do remember that she is an Elf: comparing to the 350 or so years of an average Elf lifetime. 56 equates in terms of lifespan, but not maturity, to approximately 12 in 'human years'; Elves age similarly to humans, maturing by about 18-20 years of age)


As with any elf, Etris is slender and graceful with well defined features and an alluring beauty; albeit that she stands at only 5'9" / 175cm - short in comparison to most of her kin, and has at her own admission a rather weak and feeble frame.

Her eyes burn green from exposure from and feeding upon fel magics, juxposed against long deep red hair. Both contrast with her pale complexion.

Her attire is usually dictated by the task she is undertaking. She is a very practical person; rarely wearing makeup. She has a set of well worn but well crafted leather garments that protect her when she is hunting, mining and crafting. Not that she is not above more feminate clothes should the situation demand, and has a few choice dresses that she'll commonly be seen in.

Personality Edit

Etris is not generally ill-mannered nor ill-inclined; and more often than not a very to-do person with an unoffensive demeanour. She tends to be rather sarcastic and understating in difficult situations.

Often she spurns small talk and gets on with the task(s) at hand, although can be quite chatty. She is generally quite verbose, sarcastic, and respectful - with the possible exception of trolls that she is not familiar with.

She places a high value on loyalty and friendship. Given her militaristic service she is obedient and understands chain of commands well, but does not follow her orders blindly, nor is she afraid to demand assistance if she is incapable of completing her tasks on her own.

She still harbours a love for nature that seems lost now on many former Quel'dorei; although like most of her brethren, calling her vain would not be untrue.

Despite her ineptitude in the field of magic, she is still just as hooked on it as other Elves. She regularly taps magic from other creatures, even at times more intelligent races like humans, dwarves and trolls. Although she has gone without any feeding for weeks at a time before, she has found 'magic droughts' excruciatingly painful and very difficult to mentally endure.


Etris can be best considered a True Neutral.

Opinions of Others Edit


As a Ranger, Etris often finds herself at blows with the Blood Knights. The two organisations have a deep routed rivalry that is difficult to not-notice. She tries not to paint pre-determined pictures of individuals based on this rivalry however, and forms opinions of individual Blood Knights on a case-by-case basis.


She has a pronounced distaste for Humans of the Alliance, but is generally wary rather than outright hostile of others. She tolerates humans that are part of other organisations but still does not harbour any deep feeling for them. She has had some bad experiences with them, most notably having the misfortune of being under the command of Garithos for some time during the third war. She feels sorrowful for those that were on the blunt end of the third war - and works well with human veterans that are on amicable terms, such as the Argent Dawn. Despite her dislike for the race generally, she is not of the opinion that they are of a great threat, that being moreso from the Scourge.

Etris was taught to distrust Night Elves from a very early age. She has no love lost with regards to them, and takes offence that they have infiltrated Quel'thalas in order to spy on her race. She does not think twice about shooting down their scouts in Quel'thalas, but exercises more restraint outside of her homeland. Etris is curious about the possibility of a surviving Night Elf Roseshield family.

She has taken a lowly view of Dwarves of late. Her attitudes being formed by former allies of the Wildhammer attacking her on sight, and indeed the Ironforge invasion of Alterac Valley. She has been posted by the Ranger Corps recently to help defend the Frostwolf, and so far has made significant progress in the battle.

Of Gnomes and Draenei, she is of the opinion that they are foolish to ally themselves with the Alliance; and although she holds no ill towards them per se, she is quite willing to defend herself against them should they take wish to target her. She is saddened though that she no longer calls Wildhammer Dwarves friends.

Etris refuses to take up arms against any Quel'dorei: despite her misgivings about their motives she considers them still her brothers and sisters. She will only strike back if any passive means of diffusing aggression or negotiation fail. She has stated that she will not wilfully attack a Quel'dorei under any circumstance, even if it meant a court martial for disobeying orders. She distrusts them though for their efforts to distance themselves from her people, and considers them foolish for remaining allies with the reckless Alliance.


Etris, like most Blood Elves, is not very fond of Trolls, especially so the Amani. She tolerates her new Horde allies so much as they can be useful, although she finds their accents difficult to comprehend. Etris will only work with Trolls out of necessity, but does not bear any obvious outward hostility towards them - she would rather tactfully and quietly keep her distance.

From her recent experiences with the Forsaken, she lays a degree of trust in a few Forsaken. She appreciates the efforts they have made with Blood Elf help in the Ghostlands. She stays well clear of the Apothecarium, citing that they are unnecessarily violent and cruel. She is not particularly fond of Undercity itself however, and maintains that despite being undead, they could at least make the place more welcoming to their allies.

Some of her greatest personal allies are Tauren, including Draconicfire Thunderhorn and Rahu Hawkeye, and given her experiences with them tends to view Tauren as close friends. She appreciates also their unwarlike ways and connection with the balance of nature.

She is feels warmly to the Orcs for their sympathetic stance towards her people, and appreciates their value of trust and loyalty. Although, she does regard their culture a little 'basic'.


Etris holds a particular abhoration for the Scourge, and will go at lengths to erradicate them.

She has a deep dislike for the Burning Legion aswell. She targets their mortal agents, such as the Burning Blade and Shadow Council, indiscriminately and mercilessly.


(ooc note: this section will flesh out as Etris is played more. There are deliberately large amounts of blanks in her life as to avoid retconning later)

Earlier LifeEdit

Etris was born into the High Elf House of Roseshield, a family of talented artisans in many fields: her mother a tailor and her father a musician. Being the thrid born of her siblings, aswell as being very clumsy with magic, a career defending Quel'thalas was almost assured.

Etris did spend an awful lot of time frollicking about in Eversong woods and Sunstrider Isle when she was younger; and this playful frollicking eventually turned her into being an accomplished hunter. She garnered a skill with a bow that she put most often to use to procure fresh meat for her family's table from hunting.

Etris' artistic skills developed during her childhood too. She very quickly took after her elder sister and father in the field of music, and had a unique talent within her family for maintaining her own (and everyone else's) instruments and tools. This tinkering evolved into her engineering skills today. Etris did not, however, inherit her mother's affinity for magic. By her own admission she is atrocious at wielding traditional magic, the best that she can summon is an Arcane charged shot every now and again.

She does have enough knowledge and talent to imbue her engineered devices with the capability to use magic as an enhancement to their workings (that is making it 'magically capable' in the correct hands, rather than making it a 'magic device'). Her own Echometal (a musical instrument) is an example.

Ranger CorpsEdit

Given her aptitude for ranged combat, she enlisted into the Ranger Corps at the age of 19 - extremely young in Elf terms for such a commitment. The outright bullying she used to endure from her brother swayed her mind. She did not cope well initially, and almost withdrew her commission on numerous occasions. As she matured though, she began to enjoy her service. Initially she was an Orderly in the kitchens, and then a musician. When she came of age she was excepted into the Corps proper.

Her time during the second war was spent in both Quel'thalas battling the Amani and Southern Lordaeron attacking the Horde. Luckily her postings kept her out of Quel'thalas in the lead up to the third war including stations at Stormwind, Dalaran, Quel'Lithien and Quel'Danil.

It was after the third war that she decided to follow most of her race and become a Blood Elf. Her loyalties were foremost to her people, and she had become disillusioned with the alliance. She participated in the liberation of Silvermoon and Eversong Woods after the war.

Etris resents the attitudes that some others of her race take to her choice of lifestyle, and is quick to remind any who are vocal in their objections about whom it is that the Huntress of the Sun is modelled after; as well as the tactical advantages & cost-effiency of ranged combat and the glorious history of the Ranger Corps.

Etris kept in good practice with her musical abilities during her service. With her many compositions, and particular style, her grand-father was impressed enough by her talents and one piece in particular that he proclaim her song 'Magical' as a new House Roseshield anthem.

(The complete version of the song is available at

More RecentlyEdit

During the scourge invasion of Quel'thalas, it was believed that all of Etris' near and extended family were killed. As a result she is, by default, the relucent heir to what little was left. The old family home currently sits in a ransacked, sorry state in the Ruins of Silvermoon. Her elder sister Erine, thought dead since the war, was recently discovered to be alive and well - she was also posted away from Silvermoon at the time of the Scourge invasion. Erine's existence has been so far kept quiet by the two sisters.

Etris has been on extended leave from the Ranger Corps proper, and has hired out as a hired-hand to those willing to pay - mostly as a mercenary, but she has taken upon the job of assassin, courier and bounty hunter amongst others. Her most recent employers have been the Union of Mercenaries and the Seventh Seal. She chooses the jobs that she does, although has not declined many. She still reports for duty with the Ranger Corps weekly, although aside from her Alterac Valley posting as yet they have had little pressing need for her.

The errands that many of her races' new allies have sent her on have led her to the far reaches of both the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor.

She had moved her place of residence to Fairbreeze Village from Silvermoon not long ago. When not about Azeroth, she can escape the potential for harassment from the Silvermoon authorities and some of the more self assured Blood Knights in the quiet surroundings. In addition, being closer to the front line of the Erendar River means that she is closer to hand should any Scourge try their luck.


Etris' main goals are to rebuild her family's fortune and retake her family's belongings - most of which was stolen by looters in the aftermath of Silvermoon's destruction. If she can earn money to get herself an estate and re-establish her own artistic flair that her house was noted for she would also be happy.


Etris is a mercenary and a gunsmith by profession; producing mainly an assortment of firearms and associated equipment, and usually escorting treasure hunters as hired muscle. She is knowledgeable enough to produce devices other than firearms, but often prefers not to - mostly because guns sell so well.

Out of necessity for materials she also engages in mining aswell, although she is known to have a distaste for it. Etris is also a compitent cook and medic.

She would rather be known for her music rather than her war stories.


Etris is a competent linguist and can claim to speak 3 languages fluently and another 4 or so with varying degrees of success. She can speak Thalassian, Orcish and Sevennan fluently, as well as understand most Gutterspeak, having a working knowledge of Troll, Demonic and Taurahe, and can comprehend some limited Draconic.

She is also the inventor of Sevennan, a language constructed for her previous employer to conduct its business in public without compromising its secrets or privacy. It is used mostly by former Seventh Seal members.

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