Hordecrest small Eve Southstrom
Eve New
Title(s) Miss
Gender Female
Race Forsaken
Class Rogue
Age 23 (+6 as Undead)
Alignment Lawful Evil
Affiliation Crimson Sun Brigade
Occupation Mercenary Assassin
Status Undead
Relative(s) A brother in Stormwind City


Born and raised in a family of worker-class citizens in one of the many farms and villages surrounding Stormwind City. Her full name is Evelyn, but she prefers to be called herself Eve. Was from the age 17 to 22 stationed in the Stormwind Military Academy. Little more than a year before the Scourge's invasion of Lordaeron, she was stationed in the Northern Kingdoms along with a large contingent of High Elven soldiers. One female Elf in particular befriended her and they became very close soon after. The female Elf was murdered not too long after Stratholme was culled.

After the massive Plague and Arthas' betrayal, Eve was slain by Scourge forces when valiantly defending a farm of refugees. She laid in a mass grave for several months before being awakened by her newfound Will of the Forsaken. It didn't take long for her to re-learn her skills and start working as a scout for various mercenary compaines. Ravenholdt, a faction she never would have dreamed of to exist, took interest in her after some time and after having accepted an invite to the mansion she travelled there to learn the ways of the Assassin. Eve spent a great deal of time with Ravenholdt's instructors and contacts, and through hard, vigorous and unforgivingly vicious training she slowly grew into who she is today. A cold-blooded but fiercely loyal killer. She has learned to enjoy the thrill of the kill, and accompanied with her Undead traits, her thirst for blood on the battlefield can be just as dangerous as it can be reckless. With later years, she has gained some form of discipline and subtlety to that end. After having worked as a freelance Assassin for some time, occasionally working for Ravenholdt as a contractor, the Deathstalkers took interest of her skills and recruited her. It proved out to be a bumpy ride, as Forsaken politics and the constant backstabbing amongst her own people drove her to dislike the Forsaken and their so-called agendas. After a rather sudden Honorable Discharge half a year later, she returned to her roots and took up the mercenary ways again. Currently, Eve has joined up with her 'old' friend Koránith in his own mercenary company Crimson Sun Brigade, where she works with subtle work, protection, escorts and Advanced Engineering.

Personal TraitsEdit

Due to the amounts of combat, Goblin Engineering and discharging powerful firearms, the bones in her arms and shoulders have become somewhat frail. To solve this, she reinforced them with titanium rails and platings. This can be seen partly when she takes her gloves off, and fully if she should remove her armour, since the platings in some parts poke through her reattached skin. She cares most for her face however, and tries to protect it whenever she can. Sadly, the constant abuse and the addition of Undeath makes it very pale, almost translucent in some ways. If one looks closely or if one is a skilled medic (or good at facial surgery, such as Naznik Sureshave, the creepy Goblin who runs the barbershop in Undercity), one can spot that her face has been detached and reattached several times.

When on duty or on an assignment she's mostly wearing red and brown armour with the CSB logo on it. When off duty or go on special missions that require stealth she tends to either wear her own customized 'Nightblade' Armour. She tends to wear elven perfume when she's off duty, partly to hide the smell of rot. She can also dress up nice on special occasions, but she's never unarmed even if it looks like it. Being a professional Engineer, she takes habit out of rigging all her gear, clothes and even weapons with gadgets and hidden mechanisms both meant to protect and to harm.

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