Neutralcrest small Evelyna Katherine d'Emagnor
Title(s) Miss
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Unknown
Age Unknown
Alignment True Neutral
Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Amulet Saleswoman
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unknown

Name Edit

Mdm. Evelyna Kathrine D'Emagnor

Physical Traits Edit

Frail looking old lady. Her white hair is kept tied in a bun with two long needles sticking out of it. Her hands shake a lot and she seems to have a hard time keeping her back straight. She walks with a stick and she wears many amulets and bracelts. She always has kind look on her face, even when people are rude to her. Her dark blue eyes are very penetrating, and can give the impression of a very youthfull and wise spirit. She was obviously a very beautiful woman in her days. Her pockets seem endless.

Race and Class Edit

Female human. Class is unidentifiable but it has similarities with the mage.

Guild Edit

Prophets of Balance

Occupation Edit

Amulet saleswoman.

Family Edit

None known.

Background Edit

Apeared in Stormwind recently. What happened before is a mystery.

Family Background Edit

None known.

Personal Notes Edit

Likes to peer at other people's eyes. Smiles a lot. Often seen visiting Iohan Sidarion.

Current Status Edit

Selling amulets and helping others become better people.


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