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Outside view of the Everstill Arms.

The Everstill Arms is a friendly inn on the banks of the Lake of where it gets its name. The arms is popular among the locals of the town. It is a great way to meet new friends or catch up with all the local gossip. Many people who travel by stop for a quick drink and to stock up before heading further into the Mountains or north into teh Burning Steppes or Blackrock Mountain and into Khaz Modan itself.

The Everstill Arms distils and brews it's own brand of ale, namely the Everstill XX. A popular drink which has that familiar taste but isn't as strong as some of it's competitors. Another drink which has been made at the Everstill is the strange but very drinkable Merloc Extreme Juice. Containing fresh fruits it gets it's name from the distinct colour of a real live Merloc and the fact the drink will make you want to take on an entire Orc Horde.

The Inn offers visiting patrons the chance to stay for a short period of time be it a night or a week. The rooms are reasonably priced and are the most comfortable in the region. Included in the price of the room is a free breakfast in the morning served between six and half-nine with the freshest and finest that Lakeshire has to offer.

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One of the Rooms.

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