Excrucio Andreo Whyte,


Noble, Ringleader,

As Excrucio remains incognito about his crimes, he leads the sidelife of a respectfull Noble unknown to most, he does however have significant friendships with a handful of well respected members of community, not that he could use this to his advantage, as these so called friend would turn him over in an instant if they found there was a bounty on his head, he just prefers to keep himself out of the eye of the law, and always with an alibi.

Physical TraitsEdit

Excrucio is a well built male, standing at about 5,9ft. He is a particularly pale looking man, after the vigorous strains put on his body after he was pushed through extreme torture in death and whilst under the Lich King's grasp. He has piercing blue eyes which have stayed with him, and a terribly haunting smile, He is a very conserved man and usually wears a dark leather hat to shade his eyes from sight, a lot can be told from a simple glance at Excrucio.

Race and ClassEdit

Human/Death Knight




A travelling weaponsmith who supplies local stores with home made weaponry so to not raise suspicion on his wealth, to do this he also tends to wear rather drab and dull clothes and saves his money for his passion in collecting rare ornate swords.


Ringleader of notorious criminal gang the "Desperados", Excrucio started off as an unruly youth, with a group of equally troublesome pals, however, their involvement in crime and unwanted attention from the Stormwind Guard furthered them from society as they became more distant and lost understanding of everyday life, they grew into a world of organised crime, from thefts to paid assassinations, as the gang grows so does the ongoing threat of a dramatic increase in crime in Stormwind.

Excrucio tries his best to be diplomatic when doing business with other gangs, but it is uncertain when the next gang war will surface. The "Desperados" tend not to make friends with "Outsiders" to the gang, and are extremely wary of gang alliances, as they have learned to trust no one.

Death Knight HistoryEdit

During the Scourge invasion Excrucio was oblivious to everything going on, as the gang lived away from the city, and were distant from society. On the third day of the invasion the founding members of the gang had planned a robbery on "The bank of Stormwind" upon entry to the city they found it deserted, but this did not arouse suspicion as much as it helped ease their minds, it was the perfect day for a robbery. Unfortunately they later found it was quite the opposite, the city had been abandoned and they became trapped in the bank they were stealing from, the scourge took their lives on that day.

Excrucio later broke free from the Lich Kings grasp, but some of the others were not powerful enough to do so, and were killed in battle, Excrucio was left more alone than he had ever been, a solitary man, abandoned by society, shunned by the law, and parted from his friends, He was a man left only with memories of the torture and suffering he underwent in his time as a slave to the Scourge, left desensitized and without a conscience, he continued his life of crime not caring how he would effect the lives of others, or the consequences that he would face.

Criminal RecordEdit

Endless lists of crimes from thefts to attempted murders, and accusations of murder in which Excrucio has gone without charge.

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