The Exile Militia is now extinct.

What is your guild about? Edit

Exiled Militia is a neutral military regiment and fights for the good of the people we love and serve. The Militia is a military based regiment/unit that follows our own rules and regulations and tries to help all of our soldiers and their problems. The Militia conduct many military operations against our enemies, such as ridding the Burning Legion and other evil forces from Azeroth.

The Militia helps those who we think deserve it and try to protect their land they love as much as possible. We have many friends that aid us in battle but we also have many enemies that threaten our cause and must stop them in any way possible. We fight defensivly and will never launch a first attack on another faction unless its deeply necessary.

The Militia has a strict uniform that ALL members are required to wear at all times while on duty unless told otherwise. More information is written below.

The Militia at their Recruit trials.

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Battle Cries, shouts and phrases Edit

Under sweat and toil, we will prevail!

You keep what you kill...

Militia Rankings + Meanings Edit

( Highest Top, Lowest Bottom )

  • Marshal - Guild Leader + Military Commander
  • Lt. Commander - Assistant Leaders + Military Advisors
  • Captain - Heavy Officer, Company Commander
  • Sergeant - Light Officer
  • Elite Footman - Elite Soldier (Trainee Officer)
  • 1st. C. Footman - 1st Class Footman (Heavy Soldier)
  • 2nd. C. Footman - 2nd Class Footman (Basic Soldier)
  • Recruit - Recruit
  • A.W.O.L - A member who has been away for a long time without notice

Places of Interest Edit

Exiled Militia use the lands of Loch Modan as their HQ, places we use are:

Uniform Rule Edit

All members of the Militia are to wear our armoured uniform at all times while on duty as it plays a big part of our rules. You will see us wearing the full Chainmail set or another brown/white uniform. All members are to wear this while on uniform along with the tabard. Members not wearing uniform will be spoken to and possibly punished.

Reputation for the guild Edit

Reputation plays a BIG part in our guild and we ask for all members to keep our reputation good and away from humiliation. This means no naked dancing, OOC chat and certainly not swearing or abusing people IC or OOC for no apparent reason. No bugging people and continuously annoying them. We ask for all members to be formal around as they do duties and RP properly with other people on the server. If members are found going behind our rules they will be either demoted or kicked from the guild.

Events, Meetings etc Edit

The Militia plans out 1-2 big RP events each week and smaller ones also. The major RP events take place at the weekend and the smallers ones will be usualy during the week. The Militia does many different types of RolePlay ranging from: Military Operations, Battles aganist the Horde (PvP), Regular Trainings and drills, Battles against enemy guilds/armies, Recruitment tests and interviews, Check-ups of the Headquarters and many more. The Militia is small but its members are fully willing to take part in the RP here and create a range of events that everybody can join in on. Just visit our forums to take part and let us know.

Recruitment Edit

Everybody Level 20+ are welcome to join the Militi as long as you are mature and know most aspects of RolePlay. If you wish to join merely contact one of the officers mentioned below and you will be interviewed which will usualy take 15-25 minutes. During the interview you will be tested on your RP. You will certainly not pass the interview and be accepted if you use l33t speak such as "u", "lol", "wtf" and smileys such as ":)", "xD". If you are accepted you will become the rank of 'Recruit' and be known as that rank throughout your weeks trial period. Every Thursday and Sunday you have the chance to come to the Recruit trials, be tested on your RP and to pass your trial and gain your '2nd. C. Footman' badge for your full membership.

What you need to join:

  • Need to be level 20+
  • Skilled RP, only accept those who have done it before
  • Maturity, we don't accept people who act stupid.

What you will need and what to do during your time at the guild:

  • Brown/White Uniform Colours, mainly Chainmail set
  • Listen to commanders orders and respect members
  • Do your duties asked by the officers
  • Attend meetings/trainings etc

Who to contact:

If you cannot get hold of one of these officers you can send an IC game letter through the mail to one of them asking for an interview. Or you can visit us on our website and forums and sign up there.

Extra Information Edit

Our guild tends to create RP when bored, usually during evening times. We welcome anybody into our RolePlay even if we don't like them. We encourage RP and expect everybody to join in when they want.

To become an Officer of the Militia you will be tested on 5 different topics. These being: Teamwork, Leadership, RP skills, communication and Maturity. You must show your skills in all of these areas to ensure a place as an officer and to work behind the scenes of the guild, planning events, meetings, raids etc. You will get given many challenges in leadership and will be assessed by the 3 guild leaders.

All members of the guild are very good friends and stick by each other IC + OOC no matter how tough the situation and always work through problems with each other. We have been through many tough challenges IC + OOC and we pull through thanks to our teamwork and friendship. All members are respected and we hope everybody enjoys playing with us and hope to see you in-game.

  • Message for Recruits:

All Recruits are asked to follow ALL of the Militias rules 24/7 and expect them to respect the members inside the guild. As a Recruit you will be tested throughout the week with a few challenges and small testing missions. On Thursday + Sunday evenings you will get the chance to attend the Recruit trials to pass your trial period and to gain your '2nd. C. Footman' badge and be accepted as a full-member of the guild. Once you make your full-membership you will be bombarded with challenges and tests that you must complete and you will be assessed by the officers.

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Swiftstrike, Topaloz, Xeraz

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