First it was merely a whisper among those who heard rumours. Then it was slowly moving out of the shadows. A secret among the first, the best, the real men. But now it can be yours for only a small fee.

FTW the Manifest of Machismo!

Nowhere else. Not even in the hidden parts of the Black Temple can such knowledge be found!

Mechanostrider Fuelling- Give in to your inner gnome. Time to find the answers!

Draenei Honeys; Hot or Not?- Our top notch half pint reporter brings you all the answers!

There is more hidden among the pages. Secrets of seductions, page 3 girls, how to spot a Real Woman.

Not to forget a sexy butts video that could single handedly bring peace between Horde and Alliance.


(( FTW! is a cross server wow publication. With writers and photographers from many rp and non rp servers. ))

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