Name[edit | edit source]

Ms Fae Leafrunner

Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

A tall, slightly bony night elf girl of around 100 years old with a pale face and pointed features. Her wispy hair is hacked short and matted into dreadlocks, and decorated with twigs, beads and scraggly feathers. She often lapses into a mix of Stormwind guttersnipe slang and Dwarven dialect when speaking in Common. Her armour is patched together from animal hides, antlers, tree bark, and yet more feathers. She's often accompanied by her young son.

When in her animal forms, Fae can be recognised by her scrawny, patchy looking fur, druidic tattoos and distinct accent.

Race and Class[edit | edit source]

Female Night elf druid

Guild[edit | edit source]

The Cenarion Guardians

Occupation[edit | edit source]

Scout for the Cenarion Expedition and the Cenarions Guardians.

Family[edit | edit source]

Most of Fae's immediate family are dead, although some elves bearing the Leafrunner name can still be found in Felwood and Darnassus. Her mate is Berdrin Stormspanner. They have a young son, named Brannon, who is now around two or three years old.

There are rumours of a blood elf also bearing the name Leafrunner, although she seems to have vanished without a trace.

Family Background[edit | edit source]

The Leafrunners were once a large Kaldorei House which has been in decline since the Great Sundering. They were renowned as great artists, musicians and vocalists who once served to entertain the Highborne.

After the Sundering, the Leafrunners renounced the arcane but were treated with suspicion by other Kaldorei. Many left Kalimdor for Quel'Thelas and were killed in the Scourge invasion many centuries later. Only a handful remained in Kalimdor, living in a small compound in northern Ashenvale.

Fae was too young to fight at the Battle of Mount Hyjal, but her mother and father joined the Kaldorei army in the battle against Archimonde. The youngest member of the Leafrunner family were left in the family home. The evening of the battle, the house burnt down. Fae, who was out gathering herbs, returned to find her family home gutted. After the great battle was over, the victory was bittersweet- both her parents had perished.

Background[edit | edit source]

Fae was taught how to sing and play Elven violin to a high level of skill by her mother. After her parents' deaths Fae was looked after by the Cenarion Circle in Darnassus and began initial training as a druid. However, her rebellious streak coupled and sense of adventure caused her to run away to seek her fortune in the human lands. From the bold human visitors to Darnassus, Fae got the idea that she could travel to Stormwind and work as a musician, and began the long and perillous journey as soon as she was able.

As she crossed the Wetlands, she was attacked by murlocs and would have died had it not been for the intervention of a Forsaken witch. Fae woke up on the path and continued to Stormwind, trying to put the experience from her mind. Unfortunately, the city was a cruel place to the wide-eyed an naive outsider, and Fae ended up barely scratching out a living.

Fae soon began having terrible nightmares and was haunted by a whispering voice. Introducing itself as the voice of the witch who had saved her, the voice ordered Fae into the servitude of Esme Underwood. Esme enslaved the gullible young girl and used magic to rob her of her singing voice.

For many months, Fae did Esme's bidding, working as a spy on the Forsaken's behalf. To hide her face, partly out of fear of discovery and partly out of a sense of pure degradation and shame, she spent most of her time as a cat and survived by eating the rats infesting the Trade District and the Deeprun Tram.

Then one day, thw witch ordered Fae to make contact with two Alliance scientists, Richeron Withamhall and Berdrin Stormspanner. She and Professor Stormspanner soon struck up a close friendship, and he grew concerned at the extent to which Fae was being controlled. An attempt to trick Esme into releasing Fae and returning her singing voice backfired, leaving the dwarf and elf to try and find the whereabouts of Fae's voice on their own. After weeks of searching, they finally found it- hidden in a Highborne music box in Duskwood. However, opening the box made Fae deathly ill, and it took a great personal sacrifice on Berdrin's part to cure her.

Fae and Berdrin got engaged and after a difficult pregnancy, she gave birth to their son Brannon in Loch Modan. Shortly after the baby's arrival, Berdrin travelled to Outland on an exploratory mission with the Dragonslayers. As a citizen of Ironforge, Fae was drafted by the dwarven army a few months after Brannon's birth and began to take a renewed interest in her druidic studies. She served the Argent Dawn honourably in the Plaguelands despite her fear of the Undead, and the Thorium Brotherhood in the Searing Gorge, before volunteering for the Cenarion Expedition and travelling to Outland.

Following Berdrin's retirement from duty, the family returned to Loch Modan, where they live to this day.

Personal Notes[edit | edit source]

Fae is a chirpy, sweet, often funny girl, but feels like an outsider amongst other elves. She has a lack of confidence in her abilities as a druid and has been treated with hostility due to her son's half-dwarven heritage. She is a prodigious musician and can play most stringed instruments, although she specialises in the violin.

The bad experiences in her past have helped harden her, and she is a lot more street-wise and cunning, and less naive than she was in the past. Whilst she and Berdrin often bicker due to their different cultural backgrounds and ideological differences,they are very much in love and are trying to make their unusual relationship work despite all their differences.

Fae rides an ill-tempered talbuk named Herne, and owns two sabers which she allows to wander about the local countryside.

Current Status[edit | edit source]

Working for the Cenarion Expedition and trying to raise her son.

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