Neutralcrest small Falraetha Sunkissed / The Whip
Gender Male
Race Sin'dorei
Class Death Knight
Age 1537
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Occupation Magister (in life)
Status Undead

Physical TraitsEdit

Having been a mage in life, Whip is often seen adorned in rich-looking robes and dripping with gems in a vain and selfish attempt to hold onto his time before death. His thin shoulders and once-fine features are horribly disfigured; having been crushed to death, many deep albeit bloodless wounds cover his upper body, and appear to be clumsily sewn shut with tarnished copper wires. His white hair is unkept and dirty, although tied up as if desperate to keep some semblence of tidiness about his person. The burning blue glare of Whip's eyes usually hides the fact that his eye sockets are very prominent, almost to the point of being skeletal in appearance.

Suffering from bouts of amnesia due to having obtained post-death brain damage, Whip often mutters to himself pointlessly of appointments and get-togethers that he isn't aware happened years before. Occasionally forgetting that he is, in fact, dead, the shock of the discovery that his heart has stopped beating has become never yet become less of an issue.

Often seen shambling among the streets of Orgrimmar, where he is ignored rather than tolerated, or Silvermoon City, where he is looked down at as a figurehead of misbegotten and lost power. Although he is ridiculed and taunted by his city-dwelling kin, he never seems to notice their unpleasant jests.

Whip has a tendancy to drop whatever he's doing, collapse to the ground and begin crying for his mother about how he wants to be a Fel Reaver when he grows up. These fits are sudden and seem to be a side-effect of his obvious brain-damage.

He is often seen accompanied by a small, rotten-looking dragonhawk hatchling, and either of his two steeds, Flame (his beloved Deathcharger) or Thunder (his equally doted-upon winged Ebon steed).

Race and ClassEdit

Sin'dorei Death Knight (( Armory ))


Order of Ravens Bane(dead guild)


Despite his brain-damage, Whip is skilled at locating and obtaining valuable ore sources throughout the world.


Alam Sunkissed -- Father <deceased>

Beilrem Sunkissed -- Mother <deceased>

Umbrai Morningblaze -- Sister <deceased>

Tilbram Morningblaze -- Brother-in-Law <deceased>


All that can be pieced together of Whip's life is that he was once a power-hungry mage with little care of who he hurt in his conquests to find more potent sources of arcane energies. After surprisingly losing his life to a large uncontrolled wagon, he awoke to find himself a frozen monster -- but not that he cared. Arthas' betrayal to his knights stirred little or no feelings of hate or shame within him; he saw it as nothing more than a freedom to wander the world and continue searching for sources of arcane magic, unaware that he would have few uses for it in his death.

Family BackgroundEdit

The Sunkissed lineage have very little to their name, as Whip is the last remaining member. Even before the death of his immediate family and brother-in-law, the Sunkissed were nothing more than lackadaisy producers of a cheap swill -- 'if you can't afford Suntouched, or pinot-noir, or the dregs at the bottom of a begger's bottle, then Sunkissed is for you!'

(The motto was neither endorsed nor approved of by the Sunkissed, understandably.)

Criminal RecordEdit


  • Uttering threats
  • Unprovoked (minor) assault
  • Loitering
  • Public disturbances/disturbing the peace
  • Uttering propoganda (shouting past events and occasional falsities, due to memory loss)
  • Public drunkenness


  • Arson
  • Attempted murder
  • Assault of an official

Personal NotesEdit

Whip is extremely brash and vile-tempered to just about anyone and everyone who tries to interact with him. He is not always aware of himself due to his terrible amnesia; considering it despicable for 'common low-lifes' to approach a magister, he lashes out with violent words at whomever thinks they can simply walk up to him, for whatever reason. He is not tolerated in any respectable establishments in Silvermoon City, often to his indignation and confusion, and instead stalks the streets constantly drifting between his past and lucidity.


"You dare to approch Falraetha as if you know him? You possess the arrogance and audacity to simply walk up to a Magister as if you command him? <shrieking> How DARE you! I will teach you the meaning of respect and humility, you impetuous and disgusting blasted little cockroach!"

"I had a noon appointment with Mel'grad on the studies of ley lines, where in the blasted Nether is that spineless swine?!"

Current StatusEdit

Suffering from frequent seizures and fits.


Gríma of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series.

Thomas Covenant of Stephan Donaldson's Thomas Covenant: The Unbeliever Chronicles.

Player's NotesEdit

I rarely, if ever, play this character. Why? If I'm making a back-story for a death knight, you can bet your blimp I'm making him a character I personally wouldn't want to RP with. Why? Because DKs don't 'sparkle' per se, like so many do in RP these days. They're not cuddly little baby bears, and I highly doubt that they're chirpy little chickadees.

Whip is an ass. 'Nuff said.

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