Neutralcrest small.gif The Faramos Noblehouse
Image of The Faramos Noblehouse
Role - Giving glory to the Faramos as a Family, aswell as protecting thugs in exchange of their aid.
Base of Operations - The Faramos's Lands (previous), Different Bases trough the continent.
Leader -Lord Rayan Marcus Faramos, the Dragonrider
Officers -Murior Naramius, Champion of the Noblehouse,Miss Tyrya Flamehand
Allegiance - The Forsaken (previous), The Blue Dragonflight (previous), Self

The "Faramos" were a noblehouse of Lordaeron led by Ashmur Faramos. It later got destroyed when the Scourge arrived. Many of its members are now among the Forsaken ranks. Rebuilt by Oscurit, previously named Marcus Rayan Faramos, the Faramos are trying to regain their previous respect who was not only for their political influence, but for the incredible variety of military resources they had once. Inside the Forsaken ranks they greatly weakened but this doesn't mean they doesn't have any relevance inside the Dark Lady's ranks. During the Ashenvale campaign the Faramos betrayed the Horde and the noblehouse was about to shatter. It was thanks to the Faramos testment, where Oscurit left his house to an esponent of the minor nobility, Gulamir Rukadare, that the House still exists. The Leader has returned to be now Oscurit Faramos, altrough the House is not officially recognised as allied to the Horde.

Mentality and Organization[edit | edit source]

The mentality of the Noblehouse is very rigid, based on a severe discipline where only the Nobles have an aristocracy (note that this word means "few have power" and does not hint noble in any way). Not allowing to contest the leader's decision, the House recruits everyone that needs to enter, for protection of profit, owning the members with fear and threats.

Members[edit | edit source]

Name Role Status
Undead male.gifLord Rayan Marcus Faramos Current leader. Undead
Undead male.gifDon Oscurit Gulamir Rukadare Leader of the Noblehouse for a short period of time, killed by Marcus Faramos. Dead
BloodElf female.gifTyrya Flamehand Apprentice of Oscurit, eye of the Faramos in Silvermoon, deceased during the War against the Ethereum. Deceased
UndeadElf female.gifShyna Sunwhisper In life was the wife of Oscurit Faramos, in undeath, she was a Dark Ranger. She had a short life, killed during an ambush (no longer played). Deceased
Undead male.gifJuar Majordomo of the Faramos, killed by an orc's blow while carrying the Mana Bomb. Deceased
UndeadElf male.gifIcor Sunwhisperer A client of the Faramos, he has been killed under unknown circumstances. Deceased
Undead male.gifRavanir Craven A trusted hired thug. Active
Undead male.gifChampion Murior Champion of the Faramos in both life and death, he has unquestionable loyalty towards his superior. Unknown
Undead female.gifEleyra Blackheart "The Gutter" Eleyra was a trusted member of the Faramos until she organized a betrayal against Oscurit during the Ashenvale campaign. Deceased
Undead male.gifGuards and Hired Thugs Those guards and hired thugs are (or were) forsaken combatants who immolated their life for the Faramos noblehouse in exchange of political protection. They often are called with creepy or funny nicknames, gave to them to evidence some of their qualities. Among them: Jaranu Crawn blackknife, Flae Thomas "darkcomplaint". Deceased - Active
HalfElf male.gifOrc male.gifForestTroll male.gifTauren male.gifHuman male.gifFarmers Previously farmers were the ones who gave great profit and moneys to the Faramos, now it is unlikely to happen, as the Faramos lost all the territories and the farmers attempts to find other leaders able to give them a valuable profit. Inactive
Undead male.gifBloodElf male.gifGoblin male.gifHuman male.gifClients The ones who vow their loyalty to the Faramos for obtaining protection or some way of payment. They come and leave the House at their will, not truly belonging to them. Independent

Virtues[edit | edit source]

The Noblehouse has three virtues:

  • Respect the Authority, is forces to respect officers of higher levels if descending from noble origins or considered honorable for actions.
  • Respect the Code (Before the Third War a code was present in the Noblehouse, now, under the Forsaken's side, it has vanished; It was talking about honor and glory, altrough it hinted some illegal actions too)
  • Serve Your Leader.

Sigil[edit | edit source]

The serpent, in the Houses Sigils, stands for the power and the eternity of the dinasty. Some others claim the serpent to represent the infection. Altrough such voices are seen as negative from the majority of the nobles as the sigils should have just positive means. The strange colour of the Blue serpent, says Oscurit Faramos, hints that his people were following the Blue Dragonflight from the origins of the Blue Dragons. Such claims may be wrong, terrible wrong. But the opposite may even be right...

Faramos Noblehouse Sigil.jpg

Rumors About the Faramos Noblehouse[edit | edit source]

Oscurit Faramos holding an audience.

The Faramos's greatest members have made not only actions that brought them to be respected among the human lands of Lordaeron, but some of them have made incredible actions even noted in some books often for their incredible pathos.

  • Lord Finthiusaj Faramos, who discovered that his wife was betraying her, killed her and then poisoned her lips with a powerful venom, taken from the giant spiders. The lover, as soon as he realized the death of her beloved, gave her a kiss on the poisoned lips. Not long time later, the unfortunate man died.
  • Lord Gian Marivi Vinscia Faramos, he was famous for being among the most cruel nobles of his times. Surrounding himself of men for personal defense, he used loads of dogs against the enemies. His hatred for the life itself was without limits and is rumored that his wife, who died too soon to coinceve a child, did not gave any heir but it was given thanks to a common woman, maybe not even of noble origins. As soon as the son reached a mature age, he plotted to slay his father, realizing his terrible actions and thus poisoned his food.
  • Lord Arv'i Marcus Faramos was said to be one of the most generous members of the Faramos Noblehouse. Altrough his actions brought him to side against different noblehouses. He had to stop his work.
  • Lord Ashmur Faramos, the last of the living Faramos, was very disciplined and cold. Altrough not many notes of this, his great action was taken against the Scourge: after he heard of Dalaran's fall (and thus his child's death too) the old man protected his keep, sending every day scouts to see the Scourge movements. In the meantime, he kept a detailed diary of the undead's movements. When the Scourge arrived, he employed a bird to bring the written notes away, in the kingdom of Stormwind. However it never reached the southern lands. Where the diary is, as of yet, it's unknown. Ashmur Faramos is said to have remained in his keep until the last, when the Scourge, after over a week, suceed in breaching the castle and found the man sat in his throne with the sigil of the Faramos Noblehouse, who burned himself instead of turning into an undead.

Political Influence[edit | edit source]


  • The Blue Dragonflight

WoWScrnShot 033110 150437.jpg


  • Silvermoon City Magisters
  • Shadows of Lordaeron
  • The Royal Apothecary Society
  • The Inquisition (dead)
  • The Syndicate
  • The Barov Family

Other Factions[edit | edit source]

Sworn Enemy of[edit | edit source]

  • Ravenholdt
  • The Black Dragonflight
  • A brunch of Ethereals in the Netherstorm (triumphed)

RP Events with house of the Faramos's support[edit | edit source]

Often the Faramos attacks with guilds or clans, or aid them in their assaults. Here are some examples when more than two members of the House attacked someone.

  • The Necrolord Hunt (WotLK, post Ulduar release)
  • The Battle for the Eastern Plaguelands (WotLK, post ToC release)
  • The Netherstorm assault: This assault has been very damageful and the Faramos lost half of its soldiers. (WotLK - post ICC release)
  • The Ashenvale Campaign - The End of the Faramos (WotLK - post Ruby Sanctum)
  • The Badlands and Their Secrets - Cataclysm, patch 4.2
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