Hordecrest small Faronus Sollon Quae'duce
Title(s) Magister
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf
Class Mage
Age Middle-aged
Alignment True Neutral
Affiliation None
Occupation Magister and Researcher
Status Alive
Relative(s) House Quae'duce


Magister Faronus Sollon Quae'duce

Physical TraitsEdit

This Sin'dorei looks middle-aged, showing several wrinkles and a few white hairs in the temporal area. His light copper hair and eyebrows are tidy and combed and he has a perfectly symetrical goatee. He almost always dresses in red robes ornamented with golden thread in the Sin'dorei style. A book is usually found under his arm and a staff on his back. He has a little golden box with a pair of spectacles to read.

Race and ClassEdit

Sin'dorei Magister


Researcher and Magister.



The surviving Quae'duce siblings from the eldest to the youngest.

Rodoles Quae'duce - Father (Deceased)

Elania Quae'duce - Mother (Deceased)

Quelonus Quae'duce - Eldest Brother (Deceased)

Veldonus Quae'duce - Elder Brother

Aldanea Quae'duce - Younger Sister

Prionus Quae'duce - Youngest Brother


Faronus was the third son born to a large mercantile family of moderate rank in the Silvermoon society. His talent for manipulating Arcanum was obvious from the start when, at the mere age of eleven, he magically fixed a toy his elder brother had broken (turining it bright green in the process). When he reached sufficient age, Faronus was sent to an Academy of Arcane Magic in Silvermoon, where he would learn primarily from Master Faroth'arn Oakwarden. Not long after he graduated, he integrated the Silvermoon Arcane Academy as one of their Masters. He taught many who passed through those walls, including Drooge Ana'thariel. A third of his life time passed before he became interested in politics and diplomacy. He traveled through much of the Eastern Kingdoms as a representative of Silvermoon City and witnessed much of the three wars in this capacity. After the destruction of Silvermoon City by the Scourge, Faronus returned and took advantage of the chaos to enrich himself. He now has a fortune of considerable size.

Family BackgroundEdit

See House Quae'duce.

Criminal RecordEdit

For a time, Faronus was suspected of working for Rayy Garner. For some the suspicion persists, but Rayy Garner has prooved to be less malign than previously believed. Faronus' individualist streak has also been noted.

Personal NotesEdit

Faronus rarely shows much emotion. His smiles are merely amused smirks. He has little interest in making friends, but will keep cordial relations with those who can be of use to him. Faronus is rarely involved in physical violence, prefering to throw ironic remarks at his oponents beneath a veil of cooperation. His magic is mainly centered in the direct manipulation of Arcane.

Defining Faronus' alignment is difficult. He has qualities of all Neutral alignements and ocasionaly reveals Chaotic Good tendencies.

Current StatusEdit

Traveling around, doing research.


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