Hordecrest small Faroth'arn Oakwarden
Title(s) Master of the Order
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf
Class Mage
Age 2520
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Affiliation The Suncrown Conclave
Occupation Retired Academy Instructor
Status Alive
Relative(s) House Oakwarden



As the ancient race goes, Faroth'arn isn't irregular. As a tall, frail blood elf possessing a long head of hair that reaches past his shoulders, the definate sign that forces him to stand out from the rest is his age. His hairs are fully white, formerly a radiant blonde. His eyes of a sickly green glow are often deeply knowing and inviting but are prone to periods of disapproval or anger. Weathered, wrinkled skin, marred by age, is also another obvious sign of his frailty from two-and-a-half thousand years of life. However, it is misleading as Faroth'arn stands as firm as the oak tree after which his family is named. His voice is similarly affected by the centuries, losing its handsomely rich, deep upper class tone to a lighter and whispier memory of his youth.




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House Oakwarden

House Oakwarden's history is a deep and extensive one that reaches back over ten thousand years ago to the time of the ancient kaldorei civilisation and the reign of the higborne caste. Ruling lands in the central-southwesterly regions of the great landmass of Kalimdor, House Oakwarden was a wealthy and influencial noble family. Each generation was sworn to the protection of their realm from the primitive tauren, the savage furbolg, greedy earthen and vile trolls. But the less evident threats came from the political world as tempers clashed between the kaldorei and the seclusionist attitudes of the highborne. From the fierce protection of their realm, House Oakwarden attracted the proud warriors of the lesser kaldorei nobles of House Dusktalon; traditionalists of a strict honour code, who'm in respect of the Oakwarden's determination and honour chose to submit themselves fully as their protectors. Lord Val'thalan Oakwarden and Lord Lethis Dusktalon swore oaths of alliegiance to forever unite the two Houses in blood.

Embroiled in the tensions between Azshara's court and the kaldorei populace, House Oakwarden eventually rallied under Dath'remar's rebellion when the Burning Legion was set loose upon Kalimdor. Claiming victory, though at the cost of the Well of Eternity's destruction, the kaldorei found peace. Short-lived as it was, the peace ended when the highborne struggled under the new laws of land forbidding the arcane under penalty of death. Swearing a judgement, Dath'remar Sunstrider led the highborne across the great sea to found their own kingdom; eventually leading to the creation of Quel'thalas. House Oakwarden, then under the guidance of Lord Denerith, was quick to recognise Dath'remar as the first king of Quel'thalas.

During the Troll Wars, Lord Theroth'arn Oakwarden participated in the human/high elf coalition's victory in driving the Amani from their great city of Tor'Watha. However, entangled in hidden political intrigue, Theroth'arn shamefully relinquished the power and prestige of House Oakwarden during the War's end, resulting in a blur in the history of the House. House Suntalon, formerly Dusktalon, honour-bound to the Oakwarden line, ceceded their own noble rights shortly after. Theroth'arn's two sons continue the legacy of the House.


A proud, confident and youthful Faroth'arn ready to embrace a promised destiny


The current wise and venerable elder Oakwarden

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