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The Felblade Marauders are a group focused equally on thriving, survival and criminal activity. They are out only for themselves and the group as a whole, with a strong hatred towards the Alliance. They forsake the Horde's laws and embrace dubious forms of magic in what they believe shall help them better combat the Alliance and anyone else who would cause competition for land and supplies.

"Yer honour n' yer morals are nuthin' but a hindrace. Cast most of 'em aside, an' yeuw'll live ter fight another day n' do almos' anythin'..." -Lucibelle Felblade


After breaking out from prison and faking her death to shake any legal issues off of her, Carmen Oakland tried to carry on with her unlife. Though she failed to make a living selling enchanted and tailored goods, over time she saw opportunity within the shattered world. She changed her name, gathered some acquaintances and promising individuals, offering a new alliance and chance to thrive as a group - if they would let her lead them.

Under Lucibelle Felblade's rule, the Felblade Marauders continue to seek out like-minded individuals to steal, kill and pass the time.


  1. Do not Erp on your guilded character within WoW or seek contacts for it ingame.
  2. Don't be a jerk. No griefing, corpse-camping, flaming, namecalling etc.
  3. Respect realm policies. Avoid ooc in /say, non-Rp names and usage of slurs.
  4. Rp within the guild's standards.
  5. Do not Rp a traitor to the guild without permission.
  6. Maximum of two characters from the same person allowed in the guild.
  7. Promotions and demotions are given due to ic actions and achievements, not for how long you've been around (Though don't expect promotions to happen straight away either).
  8. Being evicted from the guild can happen for ic or ooc reasons. Watch your character doesn't grow too rebellious.
  9. Any characters offline for two months without reason will be kicked. People coming online briefly every month or so to avoid this will be kicked for kick-dodging.

Joining the GuildEdit

There are a few things you should consider and ask yourself prior to joining.

In short:

  • Your character must be at least level 15, 60 if they are a Death knight.
  • You must apply lore, quality and common sense to your roleplay.
  • Your character must be a bad guy, extremely misguided, of dubious morality, forced to go along with the guild's actions or anything besides a good guy willingly signing up.
  • Asides from the character's name being within the naming policies, it must be believable for an Rp character within the setting at the guild leader's discretion. No incredibly daft nicknames or Japanese-style names, for example.
  • You must be a nice snuggly person ooc.

To make sure your character fits, look over the guild's concept. The usage of necromancy and blatant evil leaves most good-aligned or nature-based classes out of the question (It doesn't help that the leader despises the Light either). The guild is also not against stealing from Horde settlements or individuals sparsely and breaking its laws in general. We currently do not accept characters that are spying on the guild with the intent to report them to authorities so that further leaves moral characters being unlikely to join.

We also require that you be nice and maintain a degree of political correctness in what you type ooc. (No slurs)

Would your roleplaying style fit?

  • Do you Rp your characters as adhering to the Warcraft lore?
  • Do you take authority into account when you roleplay? (Not ignoring Npc guards, etc)
  • Do you take time, distance and Azeroth's actual size into account? (It can take days to cross the Barrens ic. A zeppelin ride to the other continent would not take under a minute after setting off) Will you not have a character end up in an entirely separate region after five minutes without using a hearthstone/portal/being summoned?
  • Are you able to take constructive criticism regarding your roleplay? If you do feel upset by it, will you opt to take some time and space away from the situation and come back to it later rather then keep on arguing that it isn't valid and become increasingly frustrated in the process?
  • Will you not do metagaming, godmodding, deus ex machina and similar things that fall into poor Rp quality?
  • Will you avoid ooc in /say, /yell and /e, brackets included? (You can be let off with correcting a spelling mistake but you should use /1 or whispers in most cases)
  • Do you give valid reasons for your character's actions? If your tauren druid has gone to arcane-ridden unnatural Silvermoon then why? If your elf acts like 'a human with pointy ears' then how did they come to differentiate from their culture?
  • Do you play in realtime? (Days pass for your character like they would for us, you may pretend a couple hours passed when asleep or coming off a zeppelin but not months, unless this was specifically added in a lore event eg an expansion pack)
  • Will you not Erp on your character once within the guild?

Would your character fit?

  • If your character is a Death knight, do they have an ic reason for forsaking the neutral stance of the Ebon Blade?
  • Does your character hate the Alliance or at least want them out of the way?
  • If your character is not the race you rolled, are they at least somewhat aligned with the Horde and not the Alliance? (Half elf that went with the Sin'dorei, Revantusk that can bite his tongue around elves, etc)
  • Is your character willing to obey orders, even extreme ones, and not just shake them off by saying 'no'?
  • Are they okay with, or at the very least tolerate being around demonology, necromancy, voodoo, thieving, torture and murder?
  • Is your character subtle in their crimes?
  • Is your character loyal or willing to go through a lot to secure a place within the guild? Note that the initiation rites involve murder, being killed and brought back by use of a soulstone and then being barked at by Lucibelle for the rest of their stay.

If you managed to answer all of that with a yes, good job. You will be asked similar things in-game when you ask to join, given an ic interview and if you pass it you will move onto an ic and ooc trial period (Recruit). Unless your character is someone the leader ordered to be taken in for protection purposes, they will go through a series of rites over a period of days to test their loyalty and skill. If successful they will gain their first promotion and be an official member among the group (Footman). From there they can continue to try and prove themselves and potentially increase or decrease in rank depending on their actions.


Some characters or players will not fit within the guild. These may be turned down before the ic trial period even begins. If any of these passed the recruitment process by error or otherwise, they will be kicked later if changes aren't made.

  • The character's name was against the roleplaying naming policies, or deemed to be unfitting at the guild leader's discretion (Too nonsensical for a nickname, the name differs widely from the naming standards of the race eg Japanese-style)
  • The character was below level 15 or a Death knight below level 60.
  • The character was deemed to be lorebreaking and changes weren't made.
  • The character was deemed to be too much of a Mary Sue - definitions are hard to pin down, but think of everything we would like in a real person but not a character - boringly perfect or their flaws are not actually flaws, their flaws are brushed aside or not even acknowledged, and the character tends to be roleplayed in an unrealistic attention-seeking manner with an overuse of exotic traits.
  • Your attitude was deemed not nice enough for the guild - openly flaming other Rpers or insulting their intelligence, snarky rather then helpful, using slurs or words associated with minority groups inappropriately ("That's so gay" etc).
  • You have a known history of being either intolerable or a lorebreaking/sueish/grating Rper not prone to change - note that if you say you're willing to improve your Rp and listen to advice odds are you'll be given a chance.
  • You cannot take even gentle criticism or tips well.
  • You plan on Erping on the applicated character.
  • The character is a demon, San'layn, catgirl, living Death knight or used to be, Alliance race openly or in disguise, demon hunter or dragon, regardless of if it is played well or not.
  • Your character is being played as a class other than what they are rolled as, especially with Death knights. Exceptions can be made for some racial classes, eg troll Witchdoctors.

Current StatusEdit

Not actively recruiting but can consider an individual if prompted.

Core MembersEdit

Lucibelle Felblade - Master

Refarnis Darkspire - Advisor

Liraen - Advisor


If you come across a member engaging in lorebreaking or un-verisimilar Rp please contact and inform the guild leader of the incident. This can help the guild fix up or otherwise rid of any lorebreaking or unrealistic characters. The same can apply for the other rules.

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