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Felu Duskrunner - Note: rare time where she has come out of hideing in order to talk to a friand.

Name Edit

Felu Duskrunner

Physical Traits Edit

Small and very skinny, with a flat chest and bunt skin, the only really nice part of her are her eyes, witch are a deep yellow and shine brightly. She also has very nice hair, but this is mainly because it is a wig made from her latest mothers own hair, after her hair was bunt off.

Race Edit

Human, Forsaken

"I am, I am, I am human! I'm just a little broken right now! so stop calling me Forsaken! its not nice!"

Class Edit

None, shes been told she would make a good rogue because she spends nearly all her time hiding.

With her new found mana Felu has started training to be a Mage, however she still spends a lot of time hidieng.

Guild Edit

<The Falthrlen Collegia>

Occupation Edit

None, but she is from a background of being expected to look after the house and her brothers and sisters, as such she is a natural when it comes to child care and house keeping.

Family Edit

Real mother: Katelyin Duskrunner - Livening near the edge of stromwind, she knows Felu is still "Alive" but can not offer her a home in the city in case she is found. Felu misses her greatly and often talks about her. However her as she lives so close to the edge of the city her and Felu can sometimes meet up.

Real father: Felunost Duskrunner - Died in the battle of mount Hyjal, Felu did not see him very much when she was younger, she does miss him but not as much as her brothers or sister.

Sister and brothers Edit

Sister: Fely Duskrunner - Lives in the center of Stromwind where it is safer, she is now 21 but Felu hopes she still thinks about her. She also looks after Felu's little brothers which are now 15 and starting work, they where 6 the last time Felu saw them, but both know they have a sister thats thinking about them.

Adoptive mothers Edit

Felu has had a string of adoptive mothers since Gajzla brought her to silvermoon , none of these have really lasted. this is due mainly to some of Felu worse traits.

However the following people have been Felu's mother since she moved to sivermoon.

Fin - Was Felu's first mother, and for a while looked after then, then after a fight Fin turned on her, going as far as trying to kill her.

Sarah - Looked after Felu once and then stoped careing for her, Gajzla removed Felu from her care.

Farcem - Has been Felu's best mother so far, and has two young children, which has made Felu very happy as she loves looking after her new "sisters".

Bad traits Edit

Hiding: Felu is very scared of the world around her, and she often spends a lot of her time hiding, She hides almost all of the time even with people she loves.

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Felu hides even when her friands are looking for her.

Hunger: this is perhaps Felu's worse habit, she needs to eat the dead to stay alive, this means that most of the time she is coved head to foot in blood...

"Theres no point havening a bath, soon I will be bad and eat one of the people and then... I will be all dirty again"

She also has the problem that when she needs food she can not stop her self, this becomes even worse if Felu has been fighting as she will try and eat who ever she is attacking.

Flash backs: or Daymares as Felu calls them, this is where she sees parts of her past when she was a scurge, the most common of these are her eating one of her younger friends when she became an undead. When ever she has one she becomes very scared and sneaks off to spend time alone where she can hide, this is because she is scared that she will attack people around her.

"I saw the girl again... the little one... I saw she was scared... but then I attacked her... and starched her... she tryed to run away... so... I grabed her.. and she fell... and and then... I bit her neck... and she wiggled lots.. but after a while she stoped wigging and I ate her...."

-Felu talking about a "daymare"

Background Edit

Felu was born to a poor family just two years after her sister Fely, as a child felu was well looked after, but due to the lack of money within the family she was not used to havering toys, birthday or even wintervale presents.

When Felu was 3-years-old her father was sent off to war, leaving her mother to look after her and her sister, after her father was given leave and returned to stromwind for a short time, this is when Felu's mother became pregnant again, her father left them every copper he had while he went back to war, but when felu was 8 the money ran out. Wanting so badly to help her mother and two brothers ( the babies where twins) Felu agreed to work, and her and her sister where packed onto a chart and taken to the mills near lordaron, where they cooked, cleaned and looked after the owner of the mills on hand and foot. Felu who was used to this kind of work did it well, but always seemed to be hurt or get in trouble, this is where her sister thought her to hide, so she could escape her "owner's" temper which he always seemed to take out on Felu.

The last weekend spent with her family was her 11th birthday, when her mother brought her first ever present, a dress which Felu keeps folded neatly in her bag at all times, her sister became Ill and was allowed to stay at home and Felu whet to the mills alone... this is when the plague hit and after eating a bowl full of grain Felu became very Ill, the last thing she can remember of life is being wrapped up in bed crying for her mother and sister.

For the next 9 years Felu was part of the scourge.

When she woke up after what to her seemed only a night, she found her self in the cold dead town near the undercity, this is where she met Gajzla, who was there for her own reasons, Felu brought the scared Felu back to Silvermoon, where she has been ever since.

Of late Felu has been back to see her mother near the gates of stromwind, she was told that there was no way she could stay in Stromwind and returned with Inc (Her friend who brought her Stromwind in the first place)

Felu and the Arcane Arts Edit

One late warm afternoon in silvermoon, Felu’s master came back for her… the events of that day are unknown to most, however what is known is that Felu ended up taking a blunderbuss round to the cheek, removing her lower jaw and neck…

Felu was very upset about the loss of her jaw, because she could not talk; something which she normally does a lot. Gajzla however risked both life and limb; both grave robbing and performing necromancy within silvermoon, in order to provide Felu with a new working jaw. One side affect of this was that in order for the jaw to work, Felu needed to be pumped full of mana, as expected giving the 11-year-old Felu a way to crate fire with out knowing how or why she was doing it, did not go down to well… by her first nightmare Felu had nearly bunt down Gajzla’s room, Felu’s control of her mana has got better, but can still be a bit out of control, if she is very scared or really happy about something.

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