The gloomy Fenris Keep used to be the home of Silverpine Forest's lordship, and housed numerous servants and several armed soldiers. The keep had strategic significance, and was home to a sizable portion of Lordaeron's military. The keep's main purpose was to keep Lordamere Lake safe, and also to let no threat come against Lordaeron City from Lordamere Lake.

When the undead Scourge came to the land, however, the inhabitants were not expecting a betrayal from within. Thule Ravenclaw, an ambitious young mage, allied with the Scourge, and provided them with backing that proved catastrophic for the inhabitants of the keep. All were murdered or forced to flee. Thule commanded a large force of Rot Hide gnolls to do his bidding, which hungrily attacked anyone who neared the keep and their master.

Thule Ravenclaw and the Rothides were driven out of Fenris Keep. In their place, Hillsbrad Refugees from Southshore and Hillsbrad Fields have taken over the keepafter surviving the Forsaken attacks on their towns. When agents of the Forsaken, along with Agatha, entered the keep to kill the human leaders, they were met with a surprise. The worgen leaders Darius Crowley, Ivar Bloodfang, and some of their forces were found inside trying to convince the humans to drink their blood in order to prevent becoming part of the Forsaken. The humans decided on the lesser of the two evils and drank his blood, becoming Hillsbrad Worgen.

Server LoreEdit

Since then, though, the place has taken quite a serious beating, being occupied by a number of Alliance forces only to be driven out again by the Forsaken with their forces.

Chief among them has arguably been the First Gilnean Regiment, a group dedicated to the reassertation of Gilnean control over the area. Using their Worgen curse as an adantage they held off against repeated Forsaken assaults until, finally, they were driven out by an Apothecary commanding a great undead monstrosity. Months later, the creature was used in a tactical re-take, commanded by a Gilnean general but for the advantage of the Kingdom of Lordaeron - the Forsaken were driven out or killed, the monster never heard from again.

A number of months after that, the Keep was partially destroyed and its Lordaeronian inhabitants killed by one final Forsaken attack.

The Horde guild the Crimson Sun Brigade has moved into Fenris Keep as part of a strange agreement with the Forsaken. While the brigade is neutral in the war and will not directly aid the Forsaken war effort, they aggreed to occupy the keep as a way of keeping the Alliance out while sparing the Forsaken the expenditure of constantly retaking it or trying to hold it themselves.

While this may seem like a break in CSB's neutrality, it is actually teetering on a very fine line of preventing further suicide missions by the Alliance at that location and preventing a needless loss of life(or unlife) on both sides as neither faction has been able to hold onto the keep for very long.


CSB fully recognize that other players may wish to use this location for other roleplaying purposes and they respect that. We follow the "who was there first" rule: If we see anyone roleplaying there when we arrive, we will let them finish and take our RP elsewhere. We appreciate the same curtosy.

On the note of "who was there first", we tend to use the place for our weekly meetings, starting at 20:00 server time every Monday.

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