For the attention of Mathias Shaw.


In accordance with your wishes concerning the arrival of these "death knights" we have begun our investigations into their backgrounds and compiled the information available to us. Case in point is the man known as Feren Bloodmire. I can only offer my appologies sir, as you can tell much of this information is incomplete. There is, in fact, little record of this man ever setting foot in Stormwind or the surrounding territories before. While many Death knights do choose to abandon their birth names, and adopt a suitable more... morbid monicker, we have still been unable to discover his real name. What we have here is largely based on annecdotes Feren himself has told, and what we have learned through extensive questioning of the populace he has interacted with.

I believe this maybe one for the Black Ledger, sir.

Respecfully yours.


Feren read the report again. They had gathered alot more about him than he had first suspected, and was mildly disapointed. There were gaps in his own memory he would have liked to have filled. He turned his attention to the SI:7 opperative, who was making urgent gurgling sounds from beneath Feren's plated boot.

"This is what will happen." Feren said, his tone icy. "I will burn this report, and you will go back to your masters and tell them you could find nothing. Not only honoring your King's decree, but saving your own miserable life in the process. Do we understand each other?"

The man tried to nod, and winced. Feren's boot was planted firmly on his throat. He blinked frantically instead. The death knight nodded, and removed his foot. The spy gasped and turned on his side, coughing. He gulped hungry lungfulls of air while Feren watched.

"Remember." The death knight whispered.

The spy turned round to look at Feren, but he was gone. Only the smouldering remains of his report were left on the floor.


Feren Bloodmire

Physical TraitsEdit

Long black hair tied in a pony tail (now cropped short after an incident involving chains, a knife, and a cauldron), side burns and a well trimmed goatee. Tall and well built, he has pale skin and the trademark glowing eyes of his kind.

Various scars covering his body, one vertically across his heart.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Death Knight


Sanctum Eternal


Soldier of fortune, held on retainer by the Bronze Dragonflight (reluctantly) part time enchanter. Recently began courses in blacksmithing.


Father: Colm. unknown presumed deceased

Mother: Heather. deceased

Younger brother: Tom. deceased

Wife & Child: Unrevealed. deceased


Feren was a warrior in life. Born in the Arathi Highlands, he lost his mother at a young age to Trolls and his younger brother not long after to a wasting illness. When Lordaeron was invaded by the Scourge, Feren and his father volunteered as mercenaries to aid in the evacuation of the peasents. Despite showing courage in the field the young man was quickly taken out of the battle by a rampaging abomination. His ribs broken, he was hurled into a nearby river and was carried away by the current. The last memory he has of the battle was seeing his father brought down by a swarm of ghouls.

Rescued from drowning by a Paladin of the Light named Gunther, Feren was cared for at what would become the Scarlet Monastery. Witnessing the renaming of the Knights of the Silver Hand he began his training with other initiates of the newly formed Scarlet Crusade. He eventually left the organisation after an altercation with a fellow trainee. He travelled ceaselessly over the next few years, seeing much but appreciating little of the world around him.

Finding himself in Stormwind, he quickly made enemies of a branch of an unamed cult, worshiping the Old Gods. Suffering torture at their hands, he avenged himself by burning their headquarters down, while the cultists where still trapped inside. Feeling he had found a purpose in this he travelled to Kalimdor, fighting members of the Twilight Hammer across the length of the continent. He was recruited for a mission into the past by the Bronze Dragonflight at some point, a mission which cost the lives of two team members and revealed a third as a traitor and cultist himself. The other team mate, a draenei shaman named Veloros, went on to become Arathi's best and longest remaining friend.

He has been married at least once, depending on who tells the story, and is known to have fathered one child. Feren planned to relocate his now extended family to the plains of Nagrand, in Outland. Before this could take place he received a summons to the Plaguelands, to rescue a missing friend. The summons was a trap, and to his horror he discovered his wife, not wishing him to face an unknown threat alone and receiving a similar summons herslef, had followed him there, child in tow. The trap was sprung and the resulting battle against Scourge forces was brutal. Tragically, both wife and child perished. He himself succumbing to his own fatal wounds shortly after. He was reborn a death knight in service to the Lich King after impressing the Scourge commander who finally slew him. It is unknown at this time who lured him to his doom.

Feren rarely, if at all speaks about his past. Save perhaps to highlight some present situation or if he his simply too drunk to care.

Feren has spent much of his time volunteering for missions against the Scourge in Northrend. He has also taken an active interest in the activites of Twilight Cultists, for whom he seems to still have a deep seated hatred for.

Family BackgroundEdit

Despite the distortion of his voice, his accent is from the north. Feren himself claims to have been born in the Arathi Highlands. His father was a blacksmith and his mother was slain by trolls when he was eight. Had a younger brother, Tom, who perished from a wasting illness before his fifth birthday. Feren retains little memories of this time. As stated his wife and child both died a year previously in the Plaguelands.

The whereabouts of Feren's father, Colm, are currently unknown to the death knight, but he assumes he perished. At the very least is most likely undead and mindless.

Criminal RecordEdit

Although he has never been formly charged with anything by Alliance authorities, Feren is a vocal deriver of what he sees as spineless policing. Has rarely drawn a weapon inside the city gates. Sources from the Steamwheedle Cartle suggests a large bounty has been placed on his head recently. Drunkenly walked into Booty Bay crying, "Tonight, I spice my meat with Goblin blood!"

Personal NotesEdit

Heavy drinker - claims it stops the bad dreams. Smokes the occassional cigar - hand rolls for prefrence. Generally a pleasent enough individual as long as he doesn't feel threatend. Occassional lapses into meloncholy - See Heavy drinker.

Current StatusEdit

Glimpsed occassionally walking around the cities of the Alliance and Dalaran. Sources from Northrend suggest he has an almost permanent residence inside the Shadow Vault on the Icecrown Glacier.

Seen recently in Dalaran and Stormwind in the company of a young Kaldorei female. Apparantly very happy.


When alive Feren was very much a homage to Robert E Howard's Conan the Barbarian. A man wandering the land having adventures with a strong distaste for civilisation. Sharing something of his code of honour.

In undeath, Feren is the knight errand, on a quest of personal vengence and seeking little more than a release from the cold existance he knows. Contrasting with this, is his refusal to surrender - to enemies or the grave. In this respect, I would liken him to Roland Deschain, the Gunslinger from Stephen King's Dark Tower series. A man obsessed with his quest and willing to risk others to see it through. As a death knight not completely given over to bitterness, he never knowingly turns away those who ask for help, but knowing that even in giving it, he is still hated and reviled by most.

There's an element of arrogance in him as well, for as much as he loathes what he has become he is drawn to the power he now has. Often using it without restraint in battle, even though it may horrify his allies.

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