Guild SummaryEdit

  • Name of the Clan: The Fireaxe Clan
  • Allegience to the Horde?:YES
  • Allowing Horde Members to Join?: Yes
  • RP Needed?: YES (If you cannot RP we'll help you)
  • RP In-character Need: YES (No Power Emote)
  • Clan Format: Military/Tribal
  • Guild Size: 4 Members (We're new.Current)
  • Areas we Operate:Barrens,Orgrimmar and Clan Watch
  • Clan Motto (s):"Kol'gosh cha ogar!"-By my axe you die!-Battle Cry, "Hall to the Chieftain"-Greeting.

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Fireaxe Clan Edit

Fireaxe Clan is a medium RP Guild that welcomes Orcs only(We allow some Tauren and Trolls into our Clan,but unlike Orcs,require an acceptance by an elder or my Advisor and me).We are brand new to the Realm (not new to RP)We have certain ranks for certain modes of RP ,that you'll find out about later on on the page,If you have any questions or wish to join ask me or my Advisor In-game. (Chieftain=Akoras Firewatcher) (Advisor=Kolark Drakebane)


Our clan is small and mostly in Cities so we only have two small villages: Clan Watch-An old Village dating back years before the First War,located in Nagrand
Boakol-A new Village in southern Barrens that is quite small but has a good mood to it

Background Edit

The Fireaxe Clan was one of the old clans of the old ways from Draenor,that started roughly the year -230,named after the great Axe,Fireaxe,passed down the chieftains of the Firewatcher family.We lived among other Clans in Nagrand but we had our homeland in Zangarmarsh with our villages,Koraf Loraf and Jogaf and our main Village was Unoh.Then while me and a few others of the clan went hunting we fell to our knees as the ground broke,we heard the screams of our friends from the shore and saw them rush to the shore....only a handful survived.We got on our Mounts and transport and ran to the Portal to see it die and crumble.Luckily an Orge Magi we had shielded us from the corruption and opened a small rift,he was very powerful,just enought to get through but not knowing where we were,we were in some Swamps.And were found by Humans and sent to the camps.Later years on we united with Thrall and sailed to Kalimdor and lived in Orgrimmar and helped Guard the new Orcish Nation of Durotar.

Fire Axe Clan (before joined new horde)

Fireaxe Clan Logo before Joining New Horde (Notice no Horde Symbol

Years,Seasons and Holidays of the Clan Edit

Our clan months (in order) are: Jagor,Goras,Fortad,Ebrilog,Maytorg,Jol,Korad,Awsef,Madi,Hydraf,Tador and Ragtor Seasons in Order:

  • Vander(Ragtor,Jagor,Goras),
  • Stard(Fortad,Ebrilog,Maytorg)
  • Sortel(Jol Korad,Awsef),
  • Atotok(Madi,Hydraf,Tador)


  • 17 Fortad-Elder Day (Elders meet at Spirit Rock)
  • Jol-Empty
  • Korad-Empty
  • 29 Madi-Troll Day (Celebrate Troll acceptance into Guild)

Clan Events Edit

Kodo HuntsEdit

We of The Clan will hunt Kodo for their Leather,to re-inforce our buildings,and for food and leather for Armor.But in Nagrand,Outland we will hunt their distant cousins,the Clefthoof,We will hunt them eat their meat and use their leather too.We will hold these events as soon as our Clan is Larger.

Centaur RaidsEdit

These Centaur are ruthless,and therefor we will attack their settlements in Durotar,Barrens and Thousand Needles.We will hunt them,loot them and report back to the Warchief and put all loot into our Bank for the War-effort against the Scourge,Alliance and other enemies that we have.All good ranked loot is to be reported to the Elder Council.All Money is to be kept by the looter.


By Order of the Chieftain all Grunts,Sergeants and Stone Guards are to report to him immedietly to receicve their Scouting Orders:Such as Spying on Alliance,Forsaken and Blood Elves.Patrolling Horde Controlled Areas.Attacking Enemy Settlements and more!

Clan Ranks Edit

The Clan has Peons/civilians and Military.When you join you may choose what your path is and later on you can change from Peon to Military but you have to be approved to go from military to Peon.

  • Peon/Civilian-Normal class (for RPers who like simple lives,you may be vendors etc.)
  • Grunt- Normal soldiers (lowest Military Rank)
  • Sergeant-Second Rank
  • Stoneguard-Third Rank
  • Champion-Fourth,those who shine best are reported to the Warlord for promotion (quite hard to get)
  • Lieutenant General-Warlord's Choice (Commands 1 Squad each of different people)
  • Warlord-General of the Military (authorizes everything to do with military)
  • Elder-Not military,they are the council of the clan (9 Elders will be chosen,1 of Each Class,not Paladin of course!)
  • Advisor-Only one or two Trusted people may become and advisor to the Chieftain
  • Chieftain-Leader of the Clan and everything to do with it!

Soldier Armour Edit

  • Grunt-Leather+ Users Sentinel Armor and Cabalist Spaulders (Grunts are all to be 42+ and have Monstrous War Axe)anyone under are still grunts but use own armor as they are initiates
  • Sergeant-Same as Grunts
  • Stone guard-Same as above except have visable cloak and own weapon
  • Champion-Own everything!
  • Liuetenant General-Mail Combat (all commanders must be 40+)Cloth wearers can have own armour but have to wear any Robe
  • Warlord-Anything
  • Elder-looking for robe
  • Advisor-Anything
  • Chieftain-Anything

We do not trust... Edit

  • Undead-they plot against us.They are "broken" from the Lich King..they could be still with him on an inside job..lets not forget the Wrath Gate...Recently some spies in Dustwallow found that the Forsaken are working with the Grimtotem Clan!They are trying to "break"the New-Horde.And take over Kalimdor.
  • Blood Elves-they are elves..they could still be with the Alliance! Many still are with them! We have recently found a Guild of Blood Elves known as The Peoples Voice who oppose the Horde and are recruiting all Races of our Horde to try and bring peace between the Sin'dorei and the Alliance

Recruiting? Edit

Yes!If you are level 30+( due to the fact you need to be level 42 to have the full Grunt Armor you need to "train" for 12 levels so your ready to face the Alliance Forces).You have to be an Orc,Troll or Tauren,Be active and must be a fun person to talk to! We help each other in Quests and will soon hold RP Events like Kodo Hunts,Centaur hunts and Caravans (if we get enough Kodo Riders!)So whisper anyone in the Guild and we'll think about it amongst the Council of Elders!

Firezxe Clan (Joined New Horde)

The Clan Crest (Now)

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The Escape of Draenor by Akoras Firewatcher

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