Prayher walked throught the smog covered street heading towards the place where she kept her songsheets she hated not being able to sing..but that couldent stop her brothers and sisters so she might as well let them sing her songs for her. the Breatheren chatted away in her head thanks to her tabard she wore singing songs marching songs love songs and all types enjoying themselves.

"Stop singing!" she had thought. bombarded with questions why she answerd because she couldent...she felt sad when people sang...because she couldent one of the sad things about being mute.."so play an instrument!" they told her cheerfully "go get your songs and we'll sing them for you!" she agreed to it...and thats why she was in this fog covered street.

A few feet behind her a man held a wet rag smelling of chemicals he grinned she was a pretty one alright! after being in prison for ten years and finally let out he was itching for some fun...he had'nt had a girl since the night he was in jail. he saw the girl pause after dropping something, she bent down and he edged closer, she picked it up and stretched yawning now was his chance he skipped forward quickly and clamped the chemical laced cloth over the blonde girls mouth "sleep tight" he whispered as the girl struggled not noticing what he said the girl's struggles got weaker then stopped.

Prayher dropped her notepad and silenty cursed. "Damm!" she thought great just great she bent down and picked up her pad clipping it to her belt...tiredness waved at her passing her a yawn. she streched her arms out and opened her mouth drawing in the air, something damp and sharp smelling clamped across her mouth and she smelled familliar chemicals she began to sruggle pulling at the hand over her mouth and the arm attatched to it all training forgotten. she pulled and pulled and struggled...her eyelids like lead weights closed over her veiw.

The man held the sleeping girl and grinned. very easy! a chance like this came around every few months!...or so he remembered..Oh well. he eyed the girls tabard some holy symbol or something "wont need this" he thought he pulled it off her and tossed it into a nearby braiser watching it burn. Across azertoh Ordo members clutched there head in momentery feedback. He quickly put newfangled "Duct" tape over the girls mouth, "So you can bite bitch" he murmered. he quickly tied the recumbrent girl's arms together and her hands too tying both to her back. he moved on to her legs...he couldent place it but something was familiar about her.

He carried the girl to his home in the Dwarven district and dumped her in the tool room he went downstairs and grabed a ring from the table and returned to look at his prize. the girl slumped against the wall in one of a drug induced sleep, Of Course! the girl was the one that the tux refered to...the one who stuck him in jail for the last month or two! what luck!. she groaned opening her eyes and turned to look around. after she had a quick look he grabed her face she made a biting movement and found her mouth shut tight by the new tape...this stuff was genius!

Prayher awoke looked around quickly feeling her arms and legs tied she paniced a little, she only got scared as her face was grabed a new feeling was around her mouth she ignored it she'll bite his stupid hand off! she found her mouth jammed shut by whatever was there...the man grinned and held up a roll of silver tape tugging ever so lightly at what was on her mouth, she instantly hated him, most never bothered to gag her because she was a mute...this one had done so so she couldent bite!. the man grabbed her by the throat and she gave a choked sob she knew what was coming she had seen it in the mans eyes. she shivered as he felt her cheast then ran his hand up her leg stopping near the end of her thigh he patted the inside of it and withdrew his hand letting her go she glared at him intending hatred but because she was in such a positon fear showed. the man glared back and held a dagger she watched it and with lightning speed he slamed it into the top of the bench beside her she flinched then stared at it the man laughed softly and left the room.

Orven was having a good time! the girls skin felt soft and healthy under his hand as he grabed her throat. "nice breasts less than average but not fully matured" he thought as her saw the fear in the girls eyes, she let out a choked sob he ran his hand up her smooth leg and stopped just before the end of the inside of her thigh, "nice skin here too" he thought she'd be very much fun! he let her go...and thought it was time for a little bit of training he took up his knife and watched the gilr stare at it...

Prayher watched him leave and instantly began sawing he thick ropes on her legs on a blunt axe head. how long she had she did not know but it was better to try than do nothing!

Orven came back. The girl was trying to escape! she looked guiltily at him as a puppy would at a wet patch in the floor. he suddenly got an idea rather than the useal find, kidnap, kill strategy he would do what you do with a newborn puppy..

Orven looked at the girl panting, she WAS a little heavier than she looked. she sat up after being thrown he walked over to her and stroked her face "your my little pet you know" he said as she moved her face away from his touch. he threw her back into the corner she came from. "im going to have a lot of fun with you you know. and when i get going to sell you. nice girl like you will get me a lot of money....How much do you think the tux would pay for you?" he grinned at the flash of fear in her eyes and continued "we wont have to pay the girls anyomore. you'll be just as good if not better" he watched the girl work her mind around the concept then smiled as realisatoin of what he talked about hit her she squirmed back further into the corner.

Prayher squirmed back "did he say what i thought he said?!" prayher tried to contact someone...anyone! but the chemical still lingered in her mind fogging her telepathy. The man left the room again and she set to work on the remainder of her ropes her legs would have to do...her arms where to awkwardly tied to cut without possibly slitting her wrists and without her hands she wouldent be able to remove the tape. she sawed and sawed and finely the ropes broke. "thank you light" she thought to herself as she moved quietly over to the door the man came in...she kicked him and then again as her stumbled over to the counter.

Orven saw the rope and stumbled as the girl kicked him. Such powerful legs! she'd be a good prize if her could catch her again he threw a punch. the girl was'nt there! she had ducked and then spinkicked him! Orven landed on the table and stood up throwing a punch past the girl who sidestepped and kicked him hard. Orven felt the pain in his back and saw the meatal spike punch throught his cheast..the blood flying towards the the girls face. "nice face too" he thought he shut his eyes and slumped down "wonder if they let the likes of me into paradise?" Orven almost laughed he soul in this world heard him.

Prayher shut her eyes as the blood hit her face...she stared at the lifeless corpse breathing heavily she hadent?...had she? She had! she had kiled someone! prayher looked around and tried to move her bound hands and arms...they where tied tight she took a step back and turned out the open door running full pelt towards the cathederal she hid herself in a corner after shunting past a startled looking Paladin and thumped her head against the wall just once...she left it there the only sounds where her tears hitting the stonework and approchig footsteps....

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