This guild existed vaguely from summer of 2007 to the begining of year 2008
Fortified was a guild based on neutrality, but is more favourable to the light as a whole. Their common enemies were assassin guilds, such as Mafias, gangs and clans that are of the evil nature.

Guild HistoryEdit

The original Fortified was founded by the druidess, Tubaquer. She gathered a number of volunteers in attempt to fight against crime in Human lands and established her headquarters at Menethil harbor. The guild helped the city in mundane tasks and soon gained the respect of it's people. Fortified's golden age lasted untill internal fights within the guild made it seem more like a threat to the citizens of Menethil. Soon after this, Tubaquer vanished mysteriously and without leader, strenght of Fortified vaned. Remaining members banded together and founded Gradual with an elf called Silvesia as their leader. Fortified was also founded for second time by Silvesia. This attempt was not as succesful as it's forerunners.

Notable MembersEdit

The founder and the leader of Fortified.

Co-leader and close friend of Tubaquer. He was also the military commander of Menethil Harbor for a brief time.

Enigmatic warlock who was possessed by a demon of Burning Legion. This demon caused the internal fights within the guild by mind controlling Richter and Audenn and then forcing them to attack their guildmates.

A short tempered young warrior who caused trouble to the guild first by his ferocious split-personality and then by demonic possession due to Rioul's actions.

Elven ranger with high influence in the guild. During the internal fights, she defeated Richter in a single combat and cured him of his possession. Later on, she became the leader of Gradual, the successor of Fortified.

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