Alliancecrest small Franze Luthor Lawrence Huss
Title(s) Knight
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Mercenary - Knight ( Paladin )
Age 47
Alignment Neutral Good
Affiliation The Northwind Free Company
Occupation Knight
Status Alive

Introduction Edit

The Three Virtues

  • Respect
  • Tenacity
  • Compassion

This is my pride and joy when it comes to wow characters. Many of my ideas have been out into this one. As I always have been a bit of a Knight freak in many games like Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, Might and magic and diffrent roleplaying games. Many ideas has comes from movies for Franze. I do read books but I think that much of my ideas has come from Movies any way. And then games ofcourse.

But Franze is mostly made to become the Avrage joe that you can see walking in the streets. Not the power hous that can take bullets and whield perfectly magic of all shorts. It´s easy to make an character Strong and powerful but it´s hard to find a ballance that makes him more human. Maybe it sounds quite harsh but that is the way how it is.

Follow Franze on his crazy and not all to bright travels in his life as he´s not like Superman with a nuklear power plan in his arse or like the man that wants to take over the god damn world with his new killer rabbit robots. Franze´s Memoars

Family Edit

  • †Grandfather from his father's side; Garhald Godfrey Huss -Dead-
  • †Father; Edward Huss -Dead-
  • †Mother; Eva Huss -Dead-
  • †Brother; Edward Huss -Dead
  • †Brother; Samouel Huss -Dead-
  • †Brother; Ulrick Huss -Dead-
  • †Sister; Ulricka Louren -Dead-
  • †Sister; Johanna Huss -Dead-
  • There´re many children to some of Franzes brothers and sister. The family has grown in numbers in the years. So there is maybe 20 more people that I am not going to whrite there names here. But as family does they are there for one and other. But mostly of them´ve died under the Cataclysem. Some live in Stormwind that was lucky to get out in time.

Family Background Edit

His family are besicly farmers from the start. But the first person in the family to beceom a Soldier was his Grandfather. Under his lifetime he was a grand Captian and even a Knight. Gerhald the Brave did become his name when he was titteld into a Knight. The family is not a big one and not that old either. Many members of the family did die under the thierd war. But haves some ties to Weastfalls, that they know of for now any way.

Now the rest if the Huss family does work in the plains and farms on Hillsbrad for a living. Only Jilled and Franze was the only few that did leave the farm life and did seek go gain a coin as a fighter of soldier in the military. Every one in the family does respect that they are not "honorble" and simple farmers as the rest. They always say that they are the backbone of every thing and likes there simple lives as it is. Franze and Jilled did seek after something else in there lifes.Every one of the brothers does own a pice of land some where in Soutshore and quite close to one and other. Growing crops and liverstock in all the farms. All of his brothers thinks that Franze is the odd one with no children and that he did "sell" his pice of land to his brother. But they have accepted him as he is becus he is family. Even latly they have accepted his partner Caliyen with out really seeing her. All of the children calls Franze the "Adveturer" or "Uncle Fran" as he always have something new to tell them. Even the olders ones like to hear the storys from his younge days as a Soldier and Mercenary.

After much time, a new member to the Family of Huss has comed to the world. Katherine, a chield to Samouel that was almoste forgot in time. Luckly with some help of an old Kaldorie Friend to Franze, Celegil she could once again see her real father and her new family in Soutshore. Franze will always be the proud Godfather to this chield and as often as he can have an eye watching over her back in life.

Physical Traits and Personal TraitsEdit

He is a well built man. Average height for a male human. When you see him without a shirt you will see that he has runic designed tattoos all over his shoulders, neck, chest, left arm and over his left eye. The color on the ink is gray. There are marks of battle all over his body from small scars to larger ones. His beard is well taken care of. Has long hair down to his shoulders. He is usually unshaven when walking around in town but still keeps a well trimmed moustache and beard.

Most often you can find Franze in a happy mood, as he is often a happy man. He tries to live with the tree Virtues in his back head. He is what many calls a Free Spirited man that does what his mind thinks is the best. He wants to be helpful to every one that is his friends. He is a temperd man that can easly get irritaded or even angry. But in his older days he has got calmer then what he once was.

Occupation Edit

For the moment is Franze a mercenary. He is a good weaponsmith, always improwing his ways to craft weapons and give them more personality for each time he makes one. There are many that say that he is a good chef. He writes a memoars of his life; it seems that he likes to read books too. Has been seen walking around much and training to learn the Elvish spoken language. In the evenings he has started to play Violin in taverna or any where he could take a seat.

Background Edit

Franze art

Franze Luthor Lawrence Huss picture art made by Matafleur. Now every one can really know how he looks like. Thanks again for the picture.

He spent his young days in the military. He stayed with them for many years as a chef, soldier and even his last years as a Captian. After twenty years of service he left the military for another life; a new one where he could do as he wanted. He wanted to see the world in his own way and so he sold off the farm in Southshore cheaply to his brother Samouel; land that was given to him when he retired from the military. A silver ring was given to him when he did leave and to this day he keeps it on him. Many years he did wander around as a Mercenary. In these many years he did take lines of work as a Bodyguard, Blades trainer to smaller Militias and even some personal guards of some noble men. Never taking work that he did know was too illegal for his taste. When he had traveled around and seen many things that many others haven't, he returned to his home in Southshore for a while but quickly realised that this was not his lifestyle.

Returning to Stormwind he did seek to make a living again. After s short while being in the Navy he did become a Guard in Stormwind in the Night Watch. There he did sty some time before leaving it with many others from the Night watch. He problem was much with its leader that dident take his line of work seriusly. Much soon the Night Watch did fall as its leader. The leader was killed and soon forgoten. Now many of the old guards dident have any work and stroved around doing what ever they could. But soon the old Officers of the Night Watch disided to make a Mercanary Company. With it´s leader Caliyen and officers Franze and Benny, The Free Company was born.

After a long strugle with the Free Company, one day most of them did understand what was going to happen. The Free Company got disbanded after doing some great work together. Caliyen said that the company hade made the task it was ment to do. And as members already had started to leave it was the best to just leave it be. Short while after the disbanding Franze did join the Argent Crusade. Training there Soldiers to become Knights so the could fight in Northrend. When all the training of the new knights Franze wanderd shortly in the towns and then once again become a gurad for the Stormwind in the State. Many hated it from what it once was, but many did still have that heatred when it did come once again back. Kalliades and his cousin where the comanders. Good ones for it. But when Franze got offerd to help Argent Dawn in there time of need Franze didne´t wait to long exept he did go and help his brothers in arms.

Current Status Edit

Franze seems a bit down still after the break up with Caliyen. He seems to have been hierd of the Northwind Free Company to become a mercenary.

Criminal Record Edit

His Criminal Records are holds just some Tavern Brawls in Stormwind. That is the only crims that Franze Huss is recorded for.

But there´re some files that has been removed that would show that he was send to outlands for two months time for going agaist a higher commanders orders. Even if he did make the right thing law is law and he knows it, but it seems to have been taken away from the recors by some one.

Items of Note Edit

List of Franze´s things he carrys around

  • His Flintlocks

Krak 32: A Sturdyer and a bit shorter made Flintlock.

Krak 29: A Dubble barreld flintlock.

Krak 5: A small Derringer that is easy to Hide.

  • Jewlery

Silver Ring: A Silver Ring that was given to him when he did retire. It haves the signet of Stormwind and gold inlays.

Moon Pendant: A silver made Pengant with a Moon chrest on it.

Argent Dawn Neckless: Leather made Necklass with a Argetn Dawn Signet made in silver.

  • Wooden Pipe

A well made wooden long pipe that he uses dayly and keeps good hand of. He haves a Gnomish Pocket Lighter to this and some small puches of Tobbaco

  • Leather Backpack

Here is a well made Leather Backpack all made in light leather and with bronze buckles on it. Most often you can find some extra cloths and some extra food. Some Playing Cards is stuffed in there for thos times when time is not an essence. An Pocket Watch is cahined to it´s side if not into his pocket. So when looking into it you may find quite plenty in it. All what an experinced Mercenary needs to make it in the world. In a small cloth bag Franze haves a couple of bone made Dice.

  • Violin

A well made Violin that is made in Light Applewood. Even it´s bow is made in same Light Applewood.

  • Two Books

Two diffrent books that he seems to be whriting in and often taken notes of things. One of the books are larger then the other and a bit more well made. But both of them have been around for a long time now. But he will never leave them so just any one can read them.

Quotes Edit

  • "No shit!"
  • "What a day."
  • "May the light be with you."
  • "Shit happens around every damn corner, get used to it. AS yer shoes´ll get brown from all the shit ye need to walk over in."

Influences Edit


"Snake" Plissken is a fictional character in John Carpenter's films Escape from New York and Escape from L.A., played by Kurt Russell


Liam Neeson as the Baron, Godfrey de Ibelin in Kindom of Heaven made by Ridley Scott

Well who dont want to make a mercenary Knight! But this idea did come from once when I did play "Drakar och Demoner" D&D in other words. And I did make a Warrior type of Human. And when I started to play wow again I did steal all the looks and how this char should be from the paper.

The names are taken from Warhammer, Franz is the Emporor over Empire and Luthor Huss is the warrior priest that romans around and fights agaist chaos. So I wanted to make a mild version of Luthor Huss and think that I did make it to.

The Looks of Franze was Stolen and borrowd of Kurt Russell from like movies as Escape from New York and Escape from L.A. He´s a bit as the Character Snake Plissken in the movie. And so not even just the looks but a bit how Snake Plissken soul is draged into Franze to make him a bit of a Hard man that eats shit and shits out bricks. But even that he´ves his softer parts that he shows to them that he Likes, trust and loves.

And then we´ve where I did get my largest boost to make an "knight" or even a paladin character in World of Warcraft. And it´s Godfrey de Ibelin, that is played by Liam Neeson in the movie Kingdom of Heaven. Just with one quote that he made under the movie says almoste every thing with him : Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright that God may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. That is your oath. Franze lives by this oath. It´s really close to the The Three Virtues, if not spot on. And even some of his looks might be added to Franze to.

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