Baron Fredian Pridemane/Blackmourn

Alliancecrest small Baron Fredian Pridemane/Blackmourn(Phoxton)
Title(s) The Black Baron
Gender Male
Race Gilnean Worgen
Class Death Knight
Age Old
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation Gilneas, Alliance, Ebon Blade
Occupation Hunting cultist by the Ebon Blade
Status Undead
Relative(s) All dead

Physical TraitsEdit

Title & Ranks: Former slave of Arugal. The Black Baron. Ebon Knight of the Acherus. Former Gilnean Captain. Captain of the First Gilnean Regiment.

Eyes: One icy eye and one covered by an eye-patch. Under the eye-patch it seems there are claw marks.

Hair: His hair is Ebon black and well cared for even considering his undeath.

Beard: A small mustaff from chin to chin.

Worgen fur: Ebon black and rugged, like it seen many fights over the years.

Worgen form Traits: In his worgen form his teethes are long and sharp and his ears are rugged and looks torn. The scarr on his lost eye is more clear as it seems the claw scarr have removed the fur around it.

Wounds: Tons of scarrs from toture and experiments, needlemarks and lots of runes brandet onto his skin. Rot&Decay: Remarkable none what so ever. Armoury; Fredian is usual found in his dark plate armour infused with saronite. This cause him to walk unharmed on holy ground, but also make people

Weaponry: Fredian tends to carry alot of diffrent weapons, but lately he seems to have settled down with duel-pair of Runeblades, with model of Slayer of the Lifeless. This model is known to rip in the flash and cause blood and gore

Race and ClassEdit

Undead Gilnean Worgen Death Knight


Steamwheedle cartel: <First Gilnean Regiment> <The Dark Embrace>

Earthen Ring: <The Withered Violet> <VoxSimulacrum>


Ebon Knight of the Acherus.


All thought to be dead, but his brother still remains out there.


  • A diary might be seen from him

I was once a captain of the Gilnean Guard, a survivor of the Northgate rebellion and respected and honored by my fellow guardsmen, but when the scourge came, everything changed.

They had almost broken through the Greymane wall, our glorious wall. In vain we sent our men to their deaths, but as soon as they fell they turned into undead themselves. That was when the King allowed Arugal to summon his creatures. Those foul wolf-men called Worgen actually managed to defeat the scourge invasion, but when they ran out of corpses to slaughter, they turned against us.

I did was what expected of me, and went to battle with my loyal soldiers at my side to ensure that the Greymane Wall could be closed up behind us. We managed to send the beasts away, but for me, it was too late. I was bitten. After the battle at the wall I remember staying in Pyrewood Village when suddenly the world disappeared before my eyes. I woke up in Arugals new home, Shadowfang Keep, as one of his slaves, one of his experiments, one of his servants.

For years I did his bidding, butchered adventurers seeking to end his madness until one day a group of five got to him and slew the archmage. With Arugal's magic broken, I ran away, wild as a beast, alone in the forests of Silverpine. Alone, but finally free. Or so I thought.

Years passed and the agents of the Lich King returned to the forests, seeking the mad archmage and the results of his experiments. I was captured among other worgens in the woods and taken to the cold lands of Northrend in a cage, to the Grizzly Hills.

There, to my horror, I again faced Arugal. He was continuing his experiments, but he was changed, less mad and calmer, and more powerful than ever now that the gift of the Lich King coursed in his veins. Arugal had been ordered to create new minions to serve the King of the Damned. The people of Grizzly Hills were given two options, to serve the Lich King in death or to be turned into monsters and remain alive. But arugal wanted more. He wanted a killing machine. He wanted to infuse the people of the hills with the power of his strongest soldiers, the Death Knights.

For a long time, it could have been months, years even, I was kept in the basement of Shadowfang Tower. I was tortured and poisoned, at times they even unleashed magics upon me, brandet my body with runes and gave me a hunger i could not end. It went on and on. One day it suddenly stopped, and in time I gathered enough strength to break my chains, and then I ran. I ran for days. That was when I met a group of knights of the Ebon Blade. They told me that they were on a mission to hunt down the last of the scourge and that the king had fallen. Arthas was slain!

I joined their group and through their knowledge I learned that Arugal's mad experiments had borne fruit. I was wielding the powers of the scourge, yet I was free. They trained me to use my new powers and after several months I felt assured that I could handle what ever the world would throw at me. Trusting my new powers I returned home, only to find the lands invaded and in ruins. For days I tried to find out what cruel fate had befallen my homeland, and that's when I met a wounded soldier of the alliance. He said they were trying to liberate my homeland and that is why I sit aboard this ship now, on my way to meet the so called "Alliance" that Gilneas refused years back. I will offer them my sword and by doing so hopefully regain something long since lost, my pride.

-Fredian Pridemane

Family BackgroundEdit

Before Fredian lost his life and body to the Worgen Curse and the Scourge, he were once part of the family known as "Phoxton."

The Phoxton were an old Gilnean Family, always had they served their country with honour and duty, and so did Fredian. Fredian was the only son of the Phoxton family, and thus his task to lead the family heir futher.

When Fredian reached adulthood he became sort of a local hero in his part of Gilneas for his courage and wisdom, and was promoted to lead the Gilnean Captain Garde in northern Gilneas, which increased the Phoxton wealth drasticaly, suddonly creating a name for themself. And by such acts they soon became nobles themself with Fredian in charge of the family. They had became proud landlords. Fredian had becamed a Baron.

But the Phoxton family fortune would not last long. Hardly a month after they gained their land, the scourge were knocking on the Greymane Wall, and Fredian went there to defend it. After that he did not return, and without Fredian to lead the family, and without an heir. The Phoxton soon faded into history, leaving Fredian they only remaining person alive. Or so he would think.

Before the the isolation kicked in, his brother being the black sheep of the family had managed to get outside the wall and make a life on his own. Where he is or what happened to him remains a mystery.

Personal NotesEdit

Around Fredian can a ghostly skull named Charles usual to be found.

CHARLES: Charles is a floating ghostly skull that almost always follows Fredian around, even thouh he is only a head, he talks more than most living person and do and seems to always have a fast and "somehow" funny comment on anything. He was once a Gilnean soldier that knew Fredian in life, but Fredian can't remember.

Current StatusEdit

Fredian seems not to show any emotions, and those few rare times he does, its a form of an creepy grin or smirk.

Artwork of Fredian Edit

Fredian and Charles by Bamboocha
Fredian The Black Baron by NelfyArtwork
Over the years there had been many talented people that had honored me with drawing how Fredian look outside the game, this is but a few of them.

The first is made by Bamboocha on Steamwheedle Cartel EU WoW servers.

The second one is made by the incredible talented friend of mine known as Nelfy, her artwork can be found at Nelfy Artowork on facebook and at her Deviantart
Fredian by Seleuf
Fredian Fanart by Koranith
And the final artpieces is made by another close friend of mine that can be found on her deviant art
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