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Free Company Edit

A mercenary group that was led by Caliyen Starbreeze. Based in Ironforge. They dont take on any mission for the call of a coin. They still have their honour and would never do anything to break the law or that would go against the Alliance.

History Edit

Formed by a number of ex-Night Watch members.

The Free Company started out in Silverpine Forest where they set up a temporary camp for quite some time while helping out Pyrewood Village with their worg problem, clearing the farms from undead and even ventured into the Shadowfang Keep. After the mission was over they returned to their Headquarters in Ironforge receiving tasks and missions.

After some time Caliyen and some of the officer did see that the Free Company has done what it was ment for and Dispanded it. Free Company is no more.

Old Members Edit


Caliyen Starbreeze


Franze Huss

Benoît 'Pierre' Le'Clair


Wòóds Ittoryu

Derathon Mason


Tyre Waters

Shalandra Winddancer

Tathia Itri Lionheart

Contract Edit

Free Company is not for HIRE any more. You can contact us (IC) on the Contract board on our new Forum: Contract board

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