Freedon Kahn'Tar, during his time in Shattrath.

Name Edit

Freedon Kahn'Tar

Formerly known as Commander Kahn'Tar and nicknamed the Soul Shatterer

Physical Traits Edit

A several 1000's year old Draenei or Eredar, yet he looks as young as ever. His face always bares a grim, almost emotionless expression, except for when he preaches of fights, which result in an expression of vile passion.

His skin is deep blue, his hair dark and has a thin moustache. He is of height and muscular build normal to the males of his race. A more remarkable, but small detail are the veins of his eyes, which sometimes course green blood instead of blue; a sign of Fel corruption.

Race and ClassEdit

Eredar Paladin

Occupation Edit

Miner and Blacksmith



Background Edit

Former high ranking officer of the Draenei forces on Argus. During the events of the arrival of the Burning Legion on Argus he was stationed at Tempest Keep. At first he was weary of the Legion and their promises, so he stood by Velen. But when Sargeras engulfed Kil'jaeden, Archimonde and their Eredar with power, glory and wealth, he knew he started having doubts. During the long journey through the universe Freedons' rebellious attitude towards the Prophet Velen grew. Living as a Dreanei, an Exile didn't feel right to him. He started accusing Velen of being selfish and wrong. It costed him his military career.

Once the Draenei had settled on Draenor he retreated to the newly build city of Shattrath and lived a life of solitude, but luxery for many years. He became nothing more then a dark memory of the past and the Draenei considered him some crazy hermit.

It was during these years the rumors started that he had gathered more Draenei around him that shared his dark visions. This secret gathering mostly consisted of Draenei nobility that longed for better days and were also offended by the title "Draenei". The existance of this group was never confirmed, but the rumors and scary tales remained. These people would have rejected Velen as the Prophet and would now obey Kil'jaeden and Archimonde; they would want to overthrow the government and join the Legion; they would eat Draenei children.

When the Burning Legion finally caught up with the Draenei on Draenor and corrupted the Orcs, the dark cult made themselves public, except for Freedon who is not for rash actions. Before the cult could do anything to ally themselves with the Legion or cause significant actions in Shattrath, the Orcs attacked and killed everything, including the cult.

It was during this assault Freedons'mind got tainted by the Fel energies. He managed to escape Shattrath and returned to Tempest Keep. He was more mistrusted then ever before, word of the dark cult had reached Tempest Keep and many people suspected Freedon had something to do with it. They decided to keep it quiet for the time being, killing Freedon or confirming his dark acts could cause more troubled Draenei to switch sides. The Legions' taint was everywhere on Draenor.

Family Background Edit

Little is known about the Kahn'Tar family. Even the meaning of the family name is shrouded in mystery. It roughly translates to "Rule Born", which can be interpreted as "Born to Follow the Rules" which Freedon did for a long time in the military, but a more dark interpretation would be "Born to Rule".

Criminal Record Edit

Blasphemy and Conspiracy against the Prophet Velen. He has rejected Velen as saviour and leader of the Draenei, instead he has adopted Kil'jeaden and Archimonde as "true Prophets". Rumor has it that there are more Draenei following in his ideology.

Personal Notes Edit

Now that he has survived the crash of the Exodar and most of his former enemies are dead, besides Velen who he now openly rejects as being the Prophet, Freedon seeks to rebuilt the dark cult and convert the Dreanei back to Eredar.

With an army of Eredar he will destroy all who betrayed the Burning Legion, the Orcish Horde and the Undead Scourge and the Illidari. He will destroy all rivals to his succes, which means all the lesser demons and lieutenants of the Burning Legion. In the end he will leave Kil'jaeden no choice but to accept them into the Legion and grant them the power and glory he received himself. If not so, then Freedon secretly planns to destroy Kil'jaeden and take his place in the Legion, but this remains secret even tohis followers, for now Kil'jaeden and Archimonde are the two "True Prophets that have brought glory, wealth and immortality to the people".

Despite his evil plans he still wields and hails the Light. He praises the Naaru to give him to power to his means. The Light will be his weapon in his crusade against the enemies of the Legion and his rivals. Freedons' belief that his cause is just and his insanity are some of the reasons the Light hasn't abondoned him, it just doesn't understand him.

Current Status Edit

Recently recovered from the Exodar crash and on his way to spread his dark words and convert the Draenei to the "Truth".

((This Page is also under construction, I still need to downtune his background story. He now still seems a bit overpowered, over the top and cliché to me))

Quotes Edit

"Velen reluctance to surrender his rule and grant all Eredar equal glory and immortality, THAT is what doomed us. Yet you still follow him in his selfishness."

"I will erase you from every plane of existance! Not even a memory will remain..."

"Reject Velen as your Prophet.. He has brought us nor glory, nor survival, only a delayed execution. And the races of this world cannot help us, look at them, they prefer to fight amongst themselves. The Burning Legion will come and with it comes Kil'jaeden, a true Prophet, who WILL bring glory and survival to our race.. We are not exiles, not Draenei, we are Eredar..."

Inspiration for Freedon Edit

Inspiration for this character comes from the likes of Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Exar Kun, Freedon Nadd and Joruus C'Baoth. Sith and Dark Jedi villains from the Star Wars universe. Freedon shares several traits with these men, like the pure evilness and megalomania of emperor Palpatine and Freedon Nadd; Freedon is also a bit deluded like Darth Vader and Exar Kun, whose weaknesses made them fall to the Dark Side; and finally Freedon is insane like Joruus C'Baoth, the evil clone of a once noble Jedi Master.

Freedons' relation to the Burning Legion is that of a Sith Apprentice: He will obey and try to please his Master, but when the opportunity comes he will kill the Master and take over his role.

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