Alliancecrest small Haleth Freethinker
Oceanic Reflection
Title(s) Crusader
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Paladin
Age 27
Alignment Lawful Good
Status Alive

Name and title

Crusader Haleth Freethinker


  • Likes: Exploring, nature, valour, altruism
  • Dislikes: Injustice, idiocy, hypocrisy, bureaucracy, lack of common sense
  • Positive traits: Kind-hearted, courageous, empathetic, perceptive
  • Negative traits: Truculent, vengeful

Physical Traits

Haleth is a fairly young-looking man, with a usually friendly face, brown hair and a small beard and moustache. Due to his regular training and battle experience, he is also visibly a strong and skilled fighter. He used to be almost always seen in his golden Lightbringer armour, which radiates a faint, golden glow. Nowadays, he has taken liking to a simpler silver armour set, to appear less overwhelming.

Personality, ethics and philosophy

Haleth is optimistic and likes to see the good in everyone; he truly believes that no sentient being is purely evil and that there is some good ("A bit of Light") in everyone. In his belief, the only true evil is created by acts of those who are not necessarily fully evil themselves, but have made wrong decisions - which is inevitable, given the existence of free will. He has therefore no problems in fighting the Scourge, Burning Legion or any other malicious being, because they are creations without a mind of their own. He will try his very best to bring those who have chosen the wrong path in life, back to the Light, yet acts without mercy in face of those who are beyond redeeming.

He is also - while this may not be immediately visible - very emotional and sensitive. The loss of life, seeing or even knowing that others are in pain, will burn into his heart, and never be forgotten. On the other hand, his appreciation for beauty of any form is unending, and paradise for him is a peaceful, yet majestic natural landscape. The Howling Fjord and Sholazar Basin are amongst his favourite locations in the world.

He complements these strong emotions with a clear mind, logical reasoning and a 'to the point' attitude.

The Light



'Retribution' would be a fitting term to sum up Haleth's usage of the Light. He is at his strongest when locked in combat against unholy enemies, drawing immediate power from the Light and unleashing its strength against the disciples of darkness. The stronger his attacks, the stronger the presence of the Light around him, and the greater its healing effect on allies; Haleth could be described as a 'combat healer'.

Using the Light in 'ordinary' fights, for example against a petty thug, is considered by Haleth to be disrespectful.

When not engaged in combat, Haleth primarily uses the Light as an inspiration and as a guide. He is also capable of casting regular healing spells, though they are not as strong as his healing aura that surrounds him when fighting.






One of two Chargers can usually be seen at Haleth's side, especially in battle; Daybreak, his Alliance Charger and first ever mount, and Dawnlight, a remarkably fine steed with Argent armour plating. Both of them have received the best possible combat training and care; as a result, they react almost instantly to any command, seeming to read the rider's mind rather than waiting for a physical sign. Like all Paladin Chargers, both steeds are mysteriously imbued with the power of the Light. They are Haleth's most prized possessions, considered to be companions. Both of them can be magically summoned and dismissed, and are always ready to appear anywhere.


  • Father: Sir Eodor (deceased)
  • Mother: Unknown (deceased)
  • Siblings: Unknown


The World to Come

Lost in thought, Haleth observes the reflection of a Horde airship.

Haleth was born in a small town in what used to be Lordaeron. While he was at first being raised in a well-balanced family, this came to an abrupt end when both of his parents died (see 'Family Background').

Without his parents, in a land now annihilated by the undead Scourge, the young Haleth struggled for survival, often narrowly escaping death.

During this period he completely lost track of time and position, but was forced to pick up the essential survival skills. Thanks to what he had been taught already, and a great deal of luck, he was able to survive.

Eventually, he was found by a group of Silver Hand knights and taken to Light Hope's Chapel, where he was recognized as the son of a great Paladin. The Argent Dawn took him in and took care of his education, well-being, and training as a Lightwielder. Despite the fact that Haleth was barely of age to hold a sword, this period in his life formed the core of the person he is today.

When he reached the age of maturity, he was allowed to leave the chapel and head out into the world, on the grand mission of fighting evil and helping those in need - alone. So he travelled, and travelled, and saw some of the most remarkable things in the world of Azeroth - life in its strangest forms, unexpected beauty, but also evil unnamed and the darkness of Shadow.

Haleth Crusade

Haleth during his time in the Crusade.

Six months before the Death Knight invasion at Light's Hope, Haleth returned to what had now become known as the plaguelands, after having received word of the rising evil. He stayed at the chapel, and eventually, the day arrived; the Death Knights of Acherus striked.

Haleth fought boldly amongst the soldiers of the Argent Dawn, and even though the losses were great, they claimed victory. The Light of Dawn took place, and the Argent Crusade was formed. Haleth was amongst the first to join the cause to fight the Scourge and kill Arthas, the Lich King. He joined his now fellow crusaders on the quest to Northrend, where he aided in establishing outposts and mapping the area.

As the time passed and the Argent Crusade advanced further and further into hostile territory, the grand day which everyone had been waiting for finally arrived. A small but highly talented force of crusaders stormed the Citadel, crushing Scourge as they made their way towards the Frozen Throne. While Haleth was initially amongst them, he became severely injured and unable to wield a sword. Together with other wounded soldiers, he was evacuated and returned to safety.

Haleth stayed in Northrend, until the news of Arthas's fall reached him. He decided to return to the Eastern Kingdoms and settled in Stormwind. However, there was little time to rest, as earthquakes and mysterious cultist activity spread across the lands. Meanwhile, tensions between the Alliance and the Horde grew worse. During these times of unrest, he decided to join the Alliance army on a mission to the islands west of Stormwind, in an attempt to preserve valuable human lives that could be lost in battle. As they neared the islands, though, their ship was destroyed by a mysterious creature from below, and what should've been a naval battle quickly turned into a desperate struggle for survival in the depths of Vashj'Ir.

As one of the few to survive, he returned to Stormwind, only to find the situation there even more dire. Within the next few weeks, Azeroth was shattered by Deathwing's return.

Haleth NFC

As part of the NFC.

After a short time in the Northwind Free Company, he resumed his original life as a Paladin and wanderer, seeking to help out those in need while seeing more of the world and trying to solve its mysteries.

Family Background

Haleth's father, Sir Eodor, was a noble Paladin and respected member of the Order of the Silver Hand. He aided the Argent Dawn in fending off the scourge invasion, but eventually died defending his homeland.

Haleth's mother, who served as a priestess at a nearby abbey, died shortly after she heard of this tragic loss; they both loved each other very much.

Little else is known of Haleth's family, and whether or not he has ever had siblings. This is due to the war that not only tore apart the family, but also because of Haleth's partial memory loss caused by this dramatic past.


  • "Every life is a soul worth saving."
  • "Open up your eyes, man."
  • "I'm not a murderer, I'm a Paladin." (when asked by a warlock why he didn't kill her)

Current Status

Traveling Pandaria.


Deathwing's entry into Azeroth as seen from Haleth's point of view can be read in a short story found here.

This character is currently inactive RP-wise (except for RPing with friends) because I have trouble fitting him into a guild.

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