Hordecrest small Gaderok Greathorn
Gender Male
Race Tauren
Class Shaman
Alignment Neutral Good
Affiliation The Earthfury Clan
Occupation Shaman
Status Alive


Gaderok Greathorn

Physical TraitsEdit

Gaderok is not particularly large for Tauren. He wears a traditional Shaman kilt and carries a gnarled staff. He has five little bags on his belt.

Like his staff, his horns are rather twisted, making them look shorter than they would be otherwise.

Race and ClassEdit

Tauren Shaman


The Earthfury Clan


Shaman. Has great affinity with all Spirits but Water Elementals.


Close family members.


Gaderok was born in the northen Barrens, close to Ashenvale. He was born with deficient horns that resembled the roots of a tree and his parents believed that it was a sign that he was meant to become a great Shaman. A shaman in his own right, Gaderok's uncle taught him the ways of the Earthmother and the ancestral spirits. The young Tauren proved to learn quickly. Even the Night Elves, almost unkown even so close to Ashenvale, did not disturb him whenever he ventured too far in to the Forest. During these early years, the tribe lived peacefully, protected from Centaurs by the proximity to the Night Elven lands. However, the group eventually moved south to rejoin the Skychaser tribe. (...)

Family BackgroundEdit

The ancestors of Gaderok have produced Shamans for as long as the Taurens have communed with the Earthmother's Spirits, passing down a great oral tradition for milennia. Therefore, many of them have been Spirit Walkers and spiritual advisors. They have always been a part of the Skychaser tribe.

Personal NotesEdit

He is usually silent, observing his surroundings pleasantly. At these times, he looks peaceful, kind and harmless.

Current StatusEdit


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