Whats is our guild about? Edit


We are a RP/pvp guild that likes to reach a higher level by doing instances together. increasing size slowly but building friendship greatly!

We are night elf only and form a defensive force on the side of the alliance trying to show up in war events going on in the server. We try to create a infantry cavalery and artilery and medic force in our guild. Uniforms are not required but are greatly recommended. get yourself a nice armour. and make our army look good!

I hope you're interested, whisper Thrizian for information

IC: Gaea's Optimist is recruiting! Are you a loyal Night elf and are you highly motivated when it concerns teamspirit and teamwork, our guild needs members like you! ((/w me)) Join the elite elves now! For more information visit our encampment (( )) We strongly believe in nature and it's power for that we value it sacred.

For Gaea!

Rankings Edit

In our guild our ranks are determined by your class, We refer to them as "Squadrons" Ranks are as follows:

  • Marshal (GM)
  • General (Assisting GM)
  • Lieutenant (Officer)
  • Cavalery (Mounted Fighters)
  • Medic (Druids + Priests)
  • Infantry (Warriors)
  • Archers (Hunters)
  • Diversion (Rogue)
  • Banker (Guild Bank)
  • Representative (Recruit / Ambassadors)

Uniform Edit

Uniform is 'highly' recommended in our guild and we prefer for members to use it whenever possible. We have 2 uniforms and would like everybody to please obtain it and wear it with the tabard during meetings, events and RPing in General in the cities.

  • Leather + Cloth Wearers: Tanned Armour, Tabard, Runic Leather Shoulders ((If high enough lvl))
  • Mail + Plate Wearers: Mail Combat Armour, Tabard, Runic Leather Shoulders ((If high enough lvl))

Mail and Plate wearers may wear the Tanned Armour set until they reach seasoned 30-40 so they can then obtain their Mail Combat set.

Reputation Edit

Reputation for the Gaeas Optimist plays a very big role. As a heavy RolePlaying guild we expect all members to behave in a possitive and non-childish way. This means no naked dancing on tables, no l33t speak or smileys, no jumping around a city or village like a crazed idiot and certainly no swearing or giving abuse OOC. If any of our soldiers are caught acting in any of these ways they are to be punished and spoke to by an officer.

Recruitment Edit

The Optimist rarely recruits in public and if we do so we will do it publicly and will make it a guild event as we will usualy put you under certain tests to see if you will pass and to be accepted into the guild. You must be ready to travel a far distance if we recruit in our own lands and must be ready to be shouted at in a military way. We have many regulations for our guild which are:

  • You must be a Night Elf
  • You must be willing to follow orders
  • You must be willing to wear uniform
  • You must be ready to attend regular events
  • You must be a heavy RPer

And people to contact about joining are:

  • Marshal Thrizian
  • General Nienni
  • Infantrist Thrizialt

((You can also check,

Events Edit

As a roleplaying guild we usualy conduct and take part in the RP events that happen on the server. We also plan events of our own such as fishing trips, small parties, public recruitment, trainings and more are being planned.

Members Edit


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