Headhunter Ganzuu’ra, warrior of Muu’shik. (Called Ganz or Ganzu by friends, in-game name is Ganzuura.)

Headhunter Ganzuu'ra, warrior of Muu'shik.

Physical TraitsEdit

Ganzuu'ra is taller and more muscular than most Trolls, his skin colour is a dark brown colour, showing he is a dark Troll. He stands at almost 10 ft, and has a great axe to match his size. Ganzuu'ra is a head hunter, who sacrificed himself then was resurrected by a powerful Witch Doctor - this was part of a ritual dedicated to the Loa Muu'shik.

This troll has long tusks and his face is painted with blood and purple war paint, showing he is a warrior. When he was resurrected, Muu'shik decided not to grant him all of his memories back, so Ganzuu'ra knows very little of his tribe and past life. His body is strong and all of his battlescars have healed except one - on his chest where his heart it, there is a large scar where Ganzuu'ra offered himself up to the Loa. This has what his old Witch Doctor has told him... although things don't add up...

Ganzuu'ra wears his tribal armour into battle, thick spiked shoulderpads, a mail loincloth and fur boots with metal rings woven into them. He also wears a headdress that his father wore. The gold-rimmed gloves he wears was given to him by his mother, he keeps them with him always.

Race and ClassEdit

In-game: Troll Death Knight

IC: Dark Troll Headhunter




Ganzuu'ra is a skilled headhunter and a fierce fighter, he is ruthless and without mercy, a fanatic to his mighty Loa Muu'shik and to his brethren in Atal´Loa. He has also taken up the art of blacksmithing to create new weapons for himself.


Ganzu's prized skull collection.


Ganzuu'ra is a Dark Troll, so its clear that he came from the only Dark Troll tribe, the Shadowtooth Tribe.

Father: Bar Ma'jan - Status unknown: Bar Ma'jan was of high rank in the tribe, he was not the Chief but a skilled Headhunter. Ma'jan was ferocious and brutish, an example of the typical Dark Troll.

Mother: Kulkha - Status unknown: Kulkha was one of Bar Ma'jan's many mistresses, she was deeply in love with Ma'jan and ecstatic when she found out she was carrying his child. She was just a simple tribeswoman, as females in Dark Troll society are seen as second class to males.

Siblings: Tequ, Teeka, Mor'sahn, Kulkhan and Jan'zo - Status unknown. These are the only siblings Ganzuu'ra has been told of, he probably has countless more due to Bar Ma'jan having many mistresses.

Former Master: Witch Doctor Krau'ee - Status deceased: This hermit Witch Doctor brainwashed Ganzuu'ra when he was quite young, taking away most of his memories and making up a story to why Ganzu doesn't remember anything or why he isn't with his tribe. Krau'ee died of old age, and as a last request for Ganzuu'ra, he told him of those devoted to the Loa and sent him to find the Shadow Hunter Bamboochaa.

Current Master: Bamboochaa - Status alive: Ganzuu'ra was accepted into Atal´Loa and since then has dedicated himself to the Loa, the Devoted and Bamboochaa.

Friends: Vin'ji, Azézao, Drenja.


Ganzuu'ra does not remember his past, and so was told of his history by the Witch Doctor Krau'ee. However, the hermit Witch Doctor has lied about Ganzuu'ra's past.

As told by Witch Doctor Krau'eeEdit

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The truth about Ganzuu'raEdit

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Family BackgroundEdit

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Criminal RecordEdit

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Personal NotesEdit

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Current StatusEdit

Currently Ganzuu'ra is serving the Loa and the mighty Darkspear Warlord: Shadow Hunter Bamboochaa. He can usually be found around Stranglethorn Vale but recently he has returned to his former tribes home of Hyjal in order to seek out his forgotten past as now Ganzuu'ra has doubts on what the Witch Doctor told him to believe.

Dancing with Vin'ji

Ganzuu'ra and Vin'ji dancing on top of a cliff in an attempt to summon the Loa.

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