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Ulgarf's Physical wounds where healing, Lying on the bench he groaned, his condition was getting worse. Sparks felw from his synthetic limbs as A Grease stained Chicken hoped gonnecting loose wires on its own

A Blonde Haired woman looked over at him after "talking" to a cathederal preist. She looked around at the small audience and placed both her hands on The Dwarfs Forehead. A Dark bolt Shot up her arm and she Screamed in pain clenching her teeth she held on until another even darker looking bolt fired up her arm knocking her back


Prayher woke lying on a flat expanse of rock overlooking sheer blackness. Getting to her feet she looked around she hadent moved or anything so then why and where was she?. A cackle sounded and a tall night elf shaped figure appered infront of her. "hello young preistess or should i say....SCRIBE!" the figure had talked without moving its lips. "Meddel in affairs of the other world will you?" The figure Laughed and sent a ball of energy at prayher watching as it exploded beside her

On the cathederal floor Prayher's body shook

Prayher stumbled due to the shock of the blast and pulled out her quill box, "Think that idiotic quill will halt me?" asked the shadow "it wont even scratch", Prayher smiled and pulled out a wand Blasting at the shadow three times. the first to whizzed a mile off target but the third clipped the elfs ear smashing the image into a tousand shards.Prayher looked relived but then horrifide as the shadows pulled themselves back into tow images both identical "That wont work my dear" Both shadows spoke in unison. Prayher blasted at the images until her arms hurt

on the floor Prayhers body shook and flailed at invisable people

Prayher stood still her arms at her sides panting the shards all around her. as beofre the slivers combined into hundreds of the same image. "i told you my dear it wont work"

in the cathederal the preist exorcised Ulgarf trying to deal with passing shadows aswell sweat beaded on his forehead.

Prayher looked around at the shadows her wand smoking many more had joined the images in there ranks "Naughty naughty my dear" said the images in unison and they all took a step forward. Prayher punched and kicked at the specters in her mind and yelled to her own suprise "Get them away from me!"

on the floor prayhers mouth moved screaming the words "Get them away from me!"

"we must punish you for this girl" the images say, an portal appers showing Stoen being mobbed by the shadows and a few jump at him from the massed ranks. prayher Raises her hand and blasts a beam of light at The portal closing it

Ston sees Prayher's body rise up like a puppet blast him with a ray of white light making the shadow go away before it collapses to the floor again

"bad girl" a shadow says walking over to Prayher and punching her in the stoamch making her bolk and vomit past the shadow

in the cathederall prayher's body shivers then vomits over the floor

The shadow smiles then breacks prayher's hand

Prayhers body flailing about stops as an audible crack echos around the hall

Telreon Wiped sweat from his forehead he was getting tierd having destroyed the shadows from Ullie and from the surrounding area he turned his head to the girl on the floor shaking and puking over the floor. Louise would got Crazy over the mess if she found out.....

Prayher looked around for help silent as always. "Well girl time to finish it" The images said in unison taking one step forward. A image unlike the others appered clothed in white it was Telreon.

Telreon began chanting sending a ray of light to prayher. halfway it met a shadow bolt stopping both

"Hes trying to help you.bless him no matter" the image blocked every ray with one of its own. "Now to halt him" The image moved towards Prayher and grabed her left arm and knocked its fist into the image

Telreon Flew back caught by suprise form the hard uppercut. "%&!@ that was strong!" he said from the floor

the dark images all giggled "That felt good"

Ulgarf woke blurry pictures formed in his vision moving into a corner he rummaged into his pockets throwing a vial of holy water towards Flamebreth and Stoen "Away Ye Monsters!" he yelled.

the Images all cocked there heads "He's awake we must hurry"

Ullie then looked around he was in the cathederal. he breathed a sigh of relif turning towards the blonde haird girl to offer his thanks, and rushing to her side as she shivered and gurgled. Ully reached into another pocket bringing out another vial of water, he tiped back the girls head and poured the water down her throat.

a fuzzy image of Ulgarf appered on the landscape "NO!" all the Dark images screamed shattering all at once "NO!"

Ulgarf began reciting an old dwarven prayeras the girl vented shadow from every pore, Prayher screamed leaping up and grabing Ullies beard before slackening her grimp and sobing slowly into a exausting sleep. A single Dark tear formed on her face dripping to the floor before steaming away into nothing

prayher screamed Forcing herself up from the floor she grabbed the nearest thing, feeling something warm and comforting slipping down it as nightmares fleeted past her vision. herself surronded by water,snakes and her mother's dead body surrounded by the numberless legion of shadows. Finally exaustion claimed her.

Ulgarf looked at the berragled body of the girl sleeping silently "Get 'er to tha dawn buildin" he said turning round to telreon.

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