Gewei. In ancient legends he was known as the Dreamstealer

Known appearanceEdit

His body is covered in armor usually. He is easily mistaken for a death knight in similar robes. His face is twisted into a cruel grin, his glowing blue eyes filled with darkness. His skin is rotten, and his hair is icy blue. He has many scars and marks on his body, and usually wears a hood that covers his features.

Race and ClassEdit

Unknown race, necromancer (OOC is B elf DK)


Building forces to take over the scourge and create a safe haven for undead.


Unknown sons:

  • The Flayer (bodyguard and assassain)
  • Unknown (Name is unknown,his left hand man)


  • Shalur (His right hand "man")
  • Anor
  • Castellen


His history can be found in the darkest and oldest of text books... He had an empire similar in force to the Scourge long ago, but was destroyed by the light and his other half locked the pair of them in an eternal nether jail for ever.....

An unknown time later he escaped thanks to the aid of mortals (unknowingly) and started apprently building a haven for undead. His empire was erased from the time line strangely, little know what happened.

Criminal RecordEdit

Murder,kidnapping,disturbing the peace,aiding the lich king (rumour).

Current StatusEdit

Vanished strangely after an arguement with a group of undead. The Flayer searches for him while his other son takes over his mission.

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