Alliancecrest small Gladrien Spartian
Title(s) Captain of the Stormwind Guard
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Warrior
Age 39
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Affiliation Stormwind
Status Dead

Also know as "Testifist", "Fisticle", "Grumpyfluff", and "Sillybum".


Gladrien Paidren Spartian
Gladrien colour

Gladrien, portrait by Belvane

Former Captain of the Stormwind Guard
On occasion, his brutality and his personality have earned him nicknames from his Guards. Few call him the Bloody Lion of Stormwind, more call him the Gargoyle or Old Stoney.

Physical Traits

Gladrien's face and body is ravaged by massive scarrings from past events. Underneath his scars is a very normal, plain face. He was never an attractive human, but his scars have made him look entirely horrific. Gladrien's neck and face are now even worse than before, with large scars shaped like large worgen bites covering him from head to toe, which are more vivid and ragged than his others. Gladrien's hair is quite long, having it uncut during his time as a gladiator, he decided to keep it that way, and still it hangs loosely around his face, unkempt and most times unwashed. He is a well built human, with a soldier's stance. Gladrien also has two identical burn scars on both temples. Gladrien recently lost his right eye. As a result of an axe, another horrific scar is added to his collection. It goes vertically down his face, from his forehead to his chin, leaving an ugly empty eye socket.

Race and Class

Male Human Warrior




Having recently been dismissed from service as Captain of the Guard, he was rewarded for his service, and bestowed the rank of Knight, much to his annoyance and dismay. He has, even more so to his annoyance, been ordered to the field, to bring his commanding and disciplinary ability to the field in the, now called, Twilgiht Highlands.

  • (Formerly) Captain of the Stormwind Guard
  • (Formerly) Pyrewood Guard
  • (Formerly) Soldier of the Aliiance
  • (Formerly) Free-lance Mercenary


Father - Paidrien Spartian, deceased.

Mother - Nely Spartian, deceased.

Sister - Kaelina Spartian, deceased.

Uncle - Barthan Spartian, alive, living in Theramore.

Nephew - Tamyous Spartian , alive, until recently presumed MIA, the bastard of his sister.

Former wife - Laurelyn Spartian, deceased.

Son - Larkin Spartian, deceased.


Gladrien, in his earlier life, sired several bastards, which due to a constant moving and events led him to abandoning them. He has never been informed of any bastards, and if he was he would be entirely dismayed, and disgusted with himself. He has four children which he has sired to four different women out of wedlock, three of which shall go unnamed for now, and the fourth...

Current family status

Wife - Iyana Spartian

  • Married several months now, but plan to have a proper ceremony. Iya is currently with child. Well, children. Within her womb grow triplets, whose wellbeing plagues Gladrien.

Family Background

Gladrien comes from a a family of well off farmers, once of the lands of Lordaeron. They were never poor, nor wealthy, managing a decent living from their land. Following the orcish Horde's attack his family was wiped out. Leaving him believing he was the only survivor. He recently made contact with his uncle, and nephew, son of his dead sister.

It is speculated among the last of the Spartian line that they were once a noble house of Lordaeron, and lords of a considerably wealthy holdfast. The only evidence they have of this, is a journal dating back one hundred years, written by a Daidrien Spartian, to a time of peace, before the Horde came, and the cursed plague. It lists trade dealings and coffer sums in it, both of large gold sums. It also mentions the man's visit to the king at the time.


Work in Progress.

Criminal Record

No official findings. Unofficially, he has committed several crimes in his youth.

Personal Notes

Gladrien is often perceived as a cold, heartless officer, with little tolerance for anything other that excellence He highly temperamental, and can instantly turn from calm,

Gladrien, by Hadrius/Dathron

to beating a recruit for doing something incorrectly, or acting disrespectfully. He is not one for words, or personal feelings, but when he does, he is usually insightful, his own history granting him a wealth of wisdom.


Gladrien suffered a terrible injury to the groin, five years ago, which resulting led to him being unable to sire any children. He was saved the embarrassment and ridicule of being a eunuch. Gladrien does retain the ability to take part in the act of coitus, but he is disgustingly scarred. Recently Gladrien has looked into the matter, as he heads into a second marriage, and the healers say he may not be as sterile as he thought.

Current Status


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