Alliancecrest small "Ser" Glenn Fizzlespring
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Title(s) The Mecha-Knight of Gnomeregan
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Class Warrior
Age 63
Alignment Lawful Good
Affiliation Gnomeregan
Occupation Weapons and armour engineer and knight errant
Status Alive
Relative(s) Mother and a Father both living in Ironforge

"ADVENTURE!" Glenn Fizzlespring's battle cry

Physical Traits

Glenn is a youthful bitchgnome with neat green hair and a well kept green mustache and beard.

Glenn is often seen in green armour or clothing and is accompained by a small robot who carries a small sword, shield and a backpack.




Glenn was the son of a family of weapon and armour engineers. Glenn grew in the family workshop aiding in the desgin and creation of weapons and armour.

Glenn for a long time read fantasy novels on Knights and chivalry and became obssed with the notion of Knighthood and wished for nothing more then to become like the heroes he read abo
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Glenn in the Gnomeregan military

ut in his books.

When Glenn reached the age of maturity his dream of knighthood pushed him to join the Gnomeregan military.

Glenn trained in the military and proved to be a competent solider if somewhat reckless and headstrong.

Glenn served with distinction during the Trogg invasion of Gnomeregan and when Thermaplugg's nuclear devices were set off in the city Glenn left the military and enrolled with S.A.F.E (More to do with the green uniform than anything else).

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Glenn during his time in S.A.F.E

Glenn served with S.A.F.E for a short time however his desire to become a knight once again clashed with his responseabilties as a memeber of S.A.F.E as Glenn was dishonorably discharged from S.A.F.E for ignoring male stranded gnomes in favour of "damsels in distress"

Glenn spent a short time working as a mountaineer in Loch Modan (once again drawn to the green uniform) Glenn aided in the battles against the ogres of Loch Modan were he secured a victory by accidently crashing through an ogre mound's walls.
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Glenn as a Mountaineer in Loch Modan

Glenn soon left the Mountaineers and after desgining a suit of power armour, weapons and a robot squire Glenn declared himself a Mecha-Knight of Gnomeregan and set off into the world as a knight errant seeking to right wrongs, defend the weak and uphold the code of Chivalry

Family Background

Glenn grew up in a typical Gnomish family of Tinkers. The Fizzlespring family worked as weapons and armour engineers and supplied many of the weaponry used by Gnomish scouts during the second war and in the Trogg uprising.

Glenn's mother and father were both compassoniate and caring and loved thier son dearly however they were respectable tinker's in soceity and often saw Glenn and his outlandish notions about human notions such as knight hood and chivalry as somewhat as an embrassment. The Fizzlesprings were forced into a balancing act of supporting their son and curbing his oddball behaviour as not to cause the family embarrasment, they attempted to do this by enrolling him in the Gnomeregan Military in the hopes that Fizzlespring's time with the army would satisfy an strange notions he had developed, for a time this seemed like a happy soultion for both parties Fizzlespring served with honor during the Trogg uprising and did the Fizzlespring family proud this pride continued when Fizzlespring left the military to aid S.A.F.E in the rescue of stranded Gnomes however this quickly turned sour when Glenn once again embarrased the family when he was kicked from S.A.F.E.

Since Glenn's dismissal from S.A.F.E and becoming a Knight Errant he has had very little contact with his mother and father both living in Ironforge.

Criminal Record

Glenn has no formal criminal record.


Glenn Fizzlespring has worked on many various inventions since setting off into the world as a Mech-Knight, listed below are a number of his devices.


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Glenn's robot squire Sancho

When Glenn finally became became a knight he became aware that like his heroes in his fantasy novels he too would need a Squire to serve him and act as a compaion on his adventures. Glenn searched for a short time seeking out anyone to become his squire but Glenn's search was met with failure. Glenn then decided to build his own robot squire and thus Sancho was born. Sancho is a small compact robot who is powered by a golden power core Sancho is equipped with a defence weapon known as the "Lazer Face" where Sancho discharges a laser bolt from his one eye Sancho is also equipped with a minature Buzzsaw and shield both replicas of the Buzzsaw and shield Glenn uses. Sancho spends his time as Glenn's long suffering man servant, cleaning Glenn's armour and preparing his meals. Sancho sadly often takes the brunt for Glenn's reckless behaviour having been destroyed and rebuilt twice and broken countless times. Sancho despite Glenn's behaviour is very loyal to him though he still rebels in small ways against his master, such as painting himself blue from green each time Glenn sleeps.

Power Armour:

Glenn built a number of suits of Power Armour to aid him in his many adventures as a Knight Errant.

Mk 1 Combat armour:

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Glenn's Mk 1 power armour

The Mk 1 Combat armour was desgined to aid Glenn in his many battles as a Knight. The suit is light enough to allow him mobility and freedom but is dense enough to protect him from attacks. the armour comes equipped with two metallic claws hidden in each gauntlet in case Glenn is ever disarmed and has a built in "Lighting generator proximity defence" a gnomish invention that over three seconds builds up and disperses a large ammount of electricty over a small area in case Glenn is ever captured, the inside of Glenn's armour is insulated with rubber to protect him from the electricty and finally it's green Glenn's favourite colour.

Patriot Pride Power Armour:

The P.P.P.A is desgined to inspire patriotic pride in all Gnomes everywhere.
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The P.P.P.A

The P.P.P.A is desgined to work with the Patriot-Strider mount and has no offensive or defensive capabilties what's so ever however it is capable of blasting inspiring Gnomish music over a large area and firing purple smoke flares and fireworks to dazzle all onlookers and kindle the patrotic fire in the hearts of Gnomes everywhere.

The Hazardous Environment Suit:

The Hazardous Enviroment Suit or HEV was built by Glenn for when his quests required him to go into dangerous areas or deal with enemies that may carry plauge or disease. The s
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The HEV in the toxic airfield.

uit is built from a highly duraible and resistant metal that allows Glenn to travel into areas of extreme tempreature, radiation or large areas of disease the suit is built with the same metallic claws of the Mk 1 combat armour but lacks any of the other offensive capabilites in favour of protection from the enviroments.

The Aquatic Enviroment Suit:

Similar to the same model as the HEV the AEV is desgined to allow Glenn to preform missions in Aquatic enviroments. the suit is altered to feature an oxgyen tank and an emergency "bail out" function to allow Glenn quick escape from the armour should he ever be trapped.
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The A.E.V


For each set of armour Glenn built he also constructed a mount to serve the same purposes

X-1: Combat-Strider

Glenn's most commonly used Mechanostrider is the X-1 model or the Co
WoWScrnShot 080612 151752

The Combat-Strider

mbat-strider. Glenn has equipped his mount with everything he would need during his adventures as a Knight, a cloaking device, the extend-o-lance 2000, a flame thrower and a rocket booster seat.

X-2: The Patriot-Strider:

Built to work in conjunction with The P.P.P.A the X-2 or Patriot-Strider is equipped with ALL the patriotic tools from a large speaker that blasts the
WoWScrnShot 080612 152352

The Patriot-Strider

Gnomeregan national anthem, smoke flare launchers, purple fireworks launchers and an extendable Gnomeregan banner.

X-3: The Enviro-Strider:

The X-3 is built to support Glenn in the use of his HEV suit while traversing dangerous areas, the Enviro-strider is more reistant to temparture and radiation, it has a strong
WoWScrnShot 080612 151637

The Enviro-Strider

er chassie to support additonal weight such as more equipment or injured parties. It is equipped with a mining Lazer located in it's eye, a siren, flare launchers and a grappling hook and cable.

X-4: The Flying Machine:

Glenn's Flying machine also known as the X-4 is a military flying machine desgined by the Fizzlespring family in the use of areil combat. The X-4 is equipped with two gnomish rocket launchers and a gattiling gun (That Fizzlespring has modified to fire green paintball pelts) the Flying machine also features an emerency parachute, tool box and first aid kit should the Flying Machine ever crash
WoWScrnShot 080612 160012

Glenn's Flying machine.

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