For the lore on Goldshire, check out, sweetums.


Beware ye travellers!


Abandon all hope, ye who enter here....

The Azeroth's Handy Guide for Travellers says,

"Beware this town and its inhabitants. If you must, have a quick drink at the Lion's Pride and hurry on your way, traveller. You will likely find duelling in the streets, scantily, if at all, clad women dancing on the tables demanding payment, vampires, rude beggars who speak an odd language of clipped vowels. You may hear 'lol' and 'gief gld plz' among others. The Tourism Board of Elwynn strongly recommends travellers ignore all such antics. Do not engage these vile cretins in discussion. They truly do not speak Common and will harass you once shown the briefest of glances.

If you, weary traveller, do find yourself stuck in this abysmal hole of Goldshire, have a stroll behind the Lion tavern to Crystal Lake. It occassionally has an aura of peace, as long as you don't stray too close to the murlocs or get bitten by the prevalent savage wolf population. The water itself is clear and refreshing, take a dip if you have the time. Just don't stay out too late. Reports of vampires and other predative creatures abound in the area.

Besides, the metropolis of Stormwind is only a mile or so along the road. Keep to the path, lest you encounter the Defias bandits along the way. Safe travels!"

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