Hordecrest small Gorvar
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Title(s) Beast-master
Gender Male
Race Orc
Class Hunter
Age Mid 20's
Alignment Chaotic Good
Affiliation Orgrimmar,The Beastmaw Clan
Occupation Scout, Quartermaster
Status Alive
Relative(s) None


Gorvar was born in the northern part of Stranglethorn Vale shortly after the Second War. His father and mother were part of the Bleeding Hollow Clan and Champions for one of Kilrog Deadeye’s many grandsons who each led portions of the clan. After the route from Khaz Modan, the Chieftain of the splinter cell of the Bleeding Hollow led his people to Stranglethorn which was more reminiscent of the Tanaan Jungle back on Draenor before it changed to the Hellfire Peninsula. Cutting themselves off from the rest of the Horde, the small Bleeding Hollow clan thrived in the jungles and took out their aggression on the local wildlife or troll tribes.

Gorvar was trained by his father and elders to the ancient Bleeding Hollow ways and knew how to climb trees and concoct deadly poisons from an young age. His first tamed pet was an Raptor he raised from an hatchling which he named Bloodclaws. When Gorvar became an young adult, the shaman received the summons of Drek’thar himself to rally the clans once more and to free their brethren in captivity. The Chieftain ignored the calls but could not stop an portion of the clan, including Gorvar’s family, from leaving and heeding the call. So it was during the attacks on the camps that the young Gorvar made his first real kills among the Alliance footsoldiers. His parents died during the final battle at Durnholde Keep from canon fire as well as most of the Bleeding Hollows that came with him. Although he was not alone he did spend most of his time apart from the other Orcs since his ways were deemed rather savage from the other clans, even the Warsong. He did grow more sociable during the Third War and years later that followed.

After the attack on Orgrimmar he followed the Horde in the Northrend offense against the Lich King. Because of Northrend’s icy climate, and Bloodclaws growing older, Gorvar left his old friend in Durotar and at the Warchief’s behest linked up with the Forsaken expedition. Before the Forsaken disembarked, Gorvar befriended an worg which he dubbed Wolfgen who joined him on his adventures on the icy continent. After the War against the Lich King, Gorvar came into contact with the Beastmaw Warband and was accepted into their ranks due to the urgent need of fresh blood following the Northrend Campaign and the new Kaldorei aggression that followed in Ashenvale.

When he took a break from wandering the Barrens, Gorvar was at Camp Taurajo during the Cataclysm. After barely having had time to gather his bearing and aiding the Tauren in rebuilding, he found the camp was attacked by Alliance forces. He fought valiantly alongside the Tauren and Orcish guards but like them was forced to retreat. It was during this skirmish that Wolfgen paid the ultimate sacrifice and died to protect his master. Heartbroken from Wolfgen’s loss (among other things), Gorvar ignored the call to rejoin the Beastmaw and wandered south to the Ungorro crater where he stumbled into an Silithid Hive. As he cut himself free from the sticky webbing he found he was not the only victim there. An young Devilsaur, which Gorvar later named Wexter, tried to break loose as several insects tried to make the predator into their meal. Gorvar freed the Devilsaur and both forged an alliance as they battled their way out of the hive. This alliance turned into a long lasting friendship which holds up to this day.

Gorvar later rejoined the Beastmaw just in time for the Pandaria Campaign but was one of the first to head back home to Durotar. It was during this time he found that Orgrimmar had changed under Hellscream and there was open racism against those who were not Orc. At an inn he overheard talk of an assassination on Vol’jin but before he could warn his warband or the Troll Chieftain, he was captured by the Kor’kron and imprisoned in the dungeons for many months.

It was only recently Gorvar and Wexter were able to escape and rejoined with the Warband during the Darkspear Rebellion. Since he and Wexter have stuck with the Warband, closer than before, and helped fight the True Horde and other threats.

His sense of keeping tabs on supplies and food and providing Caravans of Kodo’s for long expeditions have earned Gorvar the position of “Quartermaster” which he proudly wears to this day.

Animal CompanionsEdit

Bloodclaws: An old Raptor Matriarch native to the steamy jungles of Stranglethorn Vale who was Gorvar’s first companion. She has since the opening of the Dark Portal been “retired”. She killed (and ate) her fair share of humans, demons and night elves during her time but is now found leading an small pack of Raptors in Durotar, which is unsurprising due to her clever attidude. In recent times she and her pack aided Gorvar and the Beastmaw by attacking True Horde caravans.

Wolfgen; an Worg native to Silverpine who joined Gorvar on his Northrend expedition. One of his longest and most loyal friends who kept him warm on the icy continent, helped hunt for food or warn for undead dangers. He died after the cataclysm when an dwarven riflemen shot him in the belly and Gorvar was forced to put him down. The riflemen did not last long thereafter.

Wexter; His current companion and one of the mascots of the warband. An large Devilsaur who acts much like a big dog and his own person. He has an tendency to be loud, making stealth operations impossible if he is around, and has been known to take down the larger enemies of the Warband. Mostly he is used as an option of last resort.

Feats of StrengthEdit

Dragonslayer: During the Outland campaign the Warband was involved in an air chase with a black drake. During the chase Gorvar jumped on the black drake’s back and slashed as it’s wings and making it crash to the floor. He survived the crash with a few cuts and bruises.

During the Deepholm campaign, the Warband was tasked by one of Therazane’s lieutenants to take down a Stone Drake. It took the entire warband to take it down but it was Gorvar and Wexter who made the killing blows.

Escape from the Underhold: After being held captive by the Kor’kron for months in the underhold for being an Vol’jin sympathizer, Gorvar managed to escape alongside a few other prisoners and Wexter. He does not know how he did it or how Wexter knew why he had to carry his Master to Thunderbluff but the scars on his back and his hatred for the True Horde tell no lies where he was those past few months.

Ulda the Beast: During the War against the Lich King, Gorvar spend some time in Dalaran in between assignments. During that time he stayed at the “Filthy Animal” where the local Innkeeper had taken a shine to him. After a few grogs both landed in her pelt and stayed there for several days which left Gorvar unable to walk before both parted ways. But yet he claims he had “tamed” the Beast and would not mind doing so a second time.

Strengths and FlawsEdit

Strengths; As an Beastmaster he was taught by an young age to grasp the element of the Spirit of the Wilds and thus knows how to track and befriend animals. He knows how to make poisons, Viper Sting being his specialty, and he proved his worth as a Quartermaster by being able to make a good inventory list and being a capable haggler. He is rather open minded due to his travels and he finds the Houjin’s life style not as alien as some other members of the Horde.

He is loyal to the Beastmaw Warband and the Ideals of Thrall’s Horde and would go to any length to protect it.

Flaws: He is racist towards Goblins, calling them Gobbos, due to an bad experience in Stranglethorn Vale during his youth which make negotiations sometimes harder than need be. His dislike for the Alliance, mostly for the lingering memories of the camps and the death of Wolfgen and his parents, nearly made him join Garrosh’ True Horde up until the point where the non-orc members of the Horde became second class citizens.

He had an affair with an member of the Warband and asked her to be his mate when her own mate went missing. Her steadfast refusal and disappearance from the Warband made him grab for the bottle more often than before.

Stories involving Gorvar Edit

The Skirmish

OOC Info Edit

Gorvar is a Beast mastery orc hunter, currently lv 90, on the European realm of Steamweedle Cartel. His current guild is The Beastmaw Clan.

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