This guild existed vaguely from start of year 2008 to the begining of 2009
Gradual was a fanatic guild that primarily sought to decrease crime in Stormwind and Elwynn forest and evil acts in whole Azeroth as secondary goal. They were a diverse group with many ideals of how the crime should be decreased. Some wanted direct confortation while others wanted more peaceful solutions. This ultimately ended up as being the weakness for the guild. In the best days, Gradual was a influental group of 100 members, but when the charismatic Co-leader Richter Schneider lost his faith in the idealistic goal of the guild and departed Azeroth the guild started to decay slowly.

Notable membersEdit

The woman that brought remaining members of Fortified together and formed Gradual. At times her mind was very unstable and due to this, she was not as active in guild matters as Richter was. She still was respected by the whole guild.

The co-leader of the guild and the mastermind behind ideals Gradual strived for. In ordinary ways leaders are chosen, Richter would have been the leader of the guild, but for some reason, he never demanded the title from Silvesia. As much as he created, his split personality destroyed. His evil part deep inside his head caused internal war within the guild, butchery of twelve virgins and many other smaller ones.

Second of the co-leaders. She prefered less direct means against the crime than Richter and this caused many fights between them.

Childish young man, who was the source of laughter in the guild. Later, he revealed himself of being a powerfull warlock.

At time Richter's personal bodyguard along with Slazenger. He tended to walk his own path and left the guild several times, yet he always aimed for similar goals as the guild.

The man who betrayed Gradual during the war between criminal guild Claw by joining them. This left him with the title and slight respect and fear against him.

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