Dark Cleric Grailen Kinslayer

Physical TraitsEdit

Race and ClassEdit

Forsaken Shadow Priest


Shadows of Lordaeron


Dark Cleric Of the Cult Of Forgotten Shadow


None in Life none in undeath


When he was alive Grailen he remebers being raised by the chruch of the light in Lordaeron eventually becoming a priest and a accomplished healer of the sick when the plague struck he tried his hardest to combat it but eventually turned and became an agent of the Scourge which then led to him being freed from by Sylvannas who he swore loyality to at that moment after a time of uncertainity he joined the Cult of Forgotten Shadow and rose though the ranks becoming a Dark Cleric has began his Shadow Asendantcy

Family BackgroundEdit

None he was an Orphan though in life he had many friends and was well respected

Criminal RecordEdit

None is too Loyal to the Forsaken and to the Cult

Personal NotesEdit

Has a unually Strong hatred for other races especialy Elves

Current StatusEdit

At the Cults request has joined The Shadows of Lordearon and has been given the rank of deathcaster he is half way though his shadow acendancy

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