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Chapter 1: No call over the horizon Edit

The grass was still soaked form early the spring rain, the air still moist with the smell of wet grass. Brids singing their song brightly in wonderful eternal Quel’Thalas. She rose her hand to the air and on her finger a bird landed. The bird had a bright blue chest, a pink body and golden tipped wings. The little bird opened in a wonderful song, the song was unique to Azeroth. The bird looked at the girl while it's sapphire eyes met with hers. She brought the little bird to her mouth and gave it a gentle kiss and rose her hand to the sky under the early morning sun. She admired this bird their kind only lived in Quel'thalas all with their own unique song, all only showed themselves to the High elves. The bird made a small bow and flew towards the sun, leaving behind a small rainbow just below it’s feathers. She smiled and closed her eyes. In love with the land she lay herself on her back and stared at the sky blue and only a few clouds still remained from the rain. She didn’t mind the rain, no rain gave life and life was something she enjoyed. Closing her eyes and listening to nature was the thing she loved almost most in life. On her skin she felt something a soft twig of some kind she opened her eyes.

A rose for my beautiful Rosy. A gentle voice whispered. He presented Rosa a rose in bloom, fully opened and it's crown as red as a dawn. Rosa blushed and took the rose, she smiled at the man who had just passed her the rose. His hair was long and dark, his eyes shined a blue light, skin like silk, wearing a armour of green leather with golden trimmed edges. In his pocket this man had a piece of parchment Rosa looked at it and before she could speak the man grabbed it. A curious little rabbit are we? Rosa could do nothing but smile. Well very well I will read it to you lovely.

“To my love.” That would be you my dear. Rosa tried to move closer to him but as she did that he held out his hand in a stopping motion. Let me finish. Not even a kiss? she asked. Not until you heard it all.

“Rosaceae with her bronzed hair so long it covers her back, is named after the flower with both Beauty and Sting. Her name is like a everlasting breeze trough my mind Rosaceae, oh I have seen your soul for over 100 years. The soul that will never wither and die, that has seen blood and war, yet refuses to let the heart die. Who carries around her finger a ring, a ring of gold. For some worth a few coins for others worth their lives. To me Rosa you are my essence, my life, my soul, my mind my everything. My heart beats faster at the sight of you smiles that makes clouds dissipates into thin air. The smiles that can bring light to the darkest places of my heart. My poem to my love, my Lady Rosaceae Sunrider.”

Rosa didn’t speak a word and just stared in awe. Liked it I take it then? Just something I wrote last night when I thought of you my love. Rosa stayed speechless for a few seconds. Grovuis that was lovely; she eventually said smiling. Can I give you that kiss now? Aye you may kiss the groom. It’s not our wedding day yet she replied. Only ten more days my love, my fiance, my wife, my... Say that again Rosa interrupted. My wife Lady Rosaceae Airchaser; Grovuis said smiling at his wife to be. Rosa moved closer to him, I have to tell you something. Rosa moved her head close to his ears and suddenly move quickly to his mouth and kissed him. I heard the poem I deserved that. I thought you liked the poem? I did but I like kissing you more. He embraced her within his arms and kissed her passionately, laid down on the grass and hand in hand looked at the sky. The clouds are gone I guess you poem was right about me after all. There they lay in the grass as hours passed silent hand in hand staring into the sky.

And this would be exactly why I was against putting the two of you in the same guard duty! Yelled a voice behind them. Lieutenant Leafrunner! Rosa and Grovuis quickly got to their feet and saluted the Lieutenant. Sir we are very sorry Sir! We won’t let it... Ow cut it off already we both know you’ll try it again tomorrow. Any sightings along the border today? No sir not a soul, Rosa replied. Strange the humans have not even tried to cross our borders lately, not even salesmen have been seen on the roads in the last three days. But sir I tought you disliked the humans? Isn’t it good that they finally stopped selling their junk within our borders? Grovuis said with a grin. Did you hear about Arthas young one? Before either of the two could answer the lieutenant went on with his story. The young Prince of Lordearon went to the Icy Norhterned and took some of our finest men along with him. It is a well known fact that Arthas has returned from his Journey yet our men have yet to return to their homes. The General is worried they may have been ambushed in the human lands but not even a reply to the Generals letter so far. Rarely have I seen General Windrunner so upset. The lieutenant looked down. Sergeant Major Sunrider. I have a new letter for you, it is directed at the king of Lordearon you will ride to the capital city with you usual company and not leave the city until they have answers for the letter, you will not look at the letter you will pass it personally to the king. Any question? Well yes can... No Leafrunner interrupted Rosa. Private Grovuis will remain here on guard duty. Rosa looked at her love and then to the lieutenant. When do I leave? Right now. Come with me. Rosa followed the lieutenant loyally she looked over her shoulder and saw Grovuis blowing a kiss, she catched it and pressed it against her lips.

Chapter 2: A letter for the king Edit

Captain Sharpefire will hear of this Sergeant Major, the Lieutenant sais as the two strolled over the muddy path to the main road. You know the rules of the Farstriders, you will not engange in private affairs while on duty. You sighned up for this force... I did? And here I was under the impression my father drafted me.

Your father sought to put some disipline in you, need I remind you of that innicident at the bar? You will respect this army, your father and our royal family!

Sure when they start respecting me, I've done a lot of things for this. at least I respected the old pact we had with the humans during the war with the orcs. I was the only one in this cavelary who actually went to Dreanor no one ever showed respect for the risks I took, So I will not show respect back!

You where there for only two days, besides you behavior after was enough to destroy any respect you could have been given.

Rosa remaind silent and looked forward in the road where she saw her faithfull hawkstrider. it had golurius bleu feathers with greentips onlong it's boddy at the tail the was a touch of pink, the head was completely bleu except for a pink circle around it's eyes. She was grooming herself with her beek. Next to her stould a Hawkstrider with pink feathers and black stripes at the sides of the feathers and with a decorated seat. It stould vigilent overlooking the road like a guard. She walked towards her hawkstrider and grabbed it's wrings and mounted it quickly.

the lieutenant walked up to his Hawkstrider and mounted it steadily. We ride to Tranqiulen Sergeant Major there your escort will be waiting.

Escort? why would I need an escort?

because you are to ride to the grand capital of Lordearon. The forces that we send to Northrend need to return to Quel'thalas on the order of the king.

Rosa looked questionly at the lieutenant. Why are they sending me? I mean I don't know the king at all.

The lieutenant shrugged as the two rode up north to a small Tranquillen.

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