Alliancecrest small Jacob Greylight
Title(s) Right Hand of the Grand Master
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Death Knight
Age 43
Alignment Lawful Evil
Affiliation The Sodality of Hallowed Elations
Status Undead


Jacob Greylight

Physical TraitsEdit

Greylight is prematurely bald, bearded and well past his prime. However, these traits are mostly concealed by a black hood that he keeps on at all times, along with his black leather suit. He claims that he dresses in such a way precisely because he wants the attention of other shady individuals, in the hopes of unmasking their evil deeds. So far, the extreme naiveté of this claim has aparently escaped those who have heard it. Though he tries to hide it, Greylight sports several of the external aspects of a Death Knight. Those who are sensitive to such signs may suspect him of being one.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Death Knight


Right Hand of the Sodality of Hallowed Elations.


Greylight is free-for-all. That is to say, if you are in a position to kill him, you need not ask my permission. However, I'd prefer it if he was killed because of something related to the Sodality, rather than something random.

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