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Real name.

Gryam "Ellis" Rodrigues

False names.

Gryam uses many false names, some more than others for the places he frequents.

Physical appearanceEdit

He is a moderately built man with tanned skin and the occaisonal scar, not many however and most are fully healed. He has no tattoo's or any identifying marks.

Demeanour and moodEdit

He is -when not disguising himself- a very calm and focused individual. It would appear as if he contemplates each word before he speaks it, and he generally hardly talks at all. To diguise himself he would change his facial expressions and voice considerably, speaking in a heavy accent or high pitched voice or perhaps slurring his speach.


An assasin - a silencer of the secretive The Baelmoore Crew. It has been said by those who would work with him some years ago that he had no remorse in killing or any morals. This eventually got him caught a few years ago and he was jailed. He escaped from a prison barge that was shipping him and others of his ilk to the Stormwind stockades.

Gryam's rulesEdit

Gryam has several rules. He tries to live by them as best he can.

Keep calm - Its important that you keep yourself calm at all times. This will surely avoid susspicious stares.

Disguise - This is vital. Disguise your voice, demeanour and appearance to avoid suspicion or being recognised.

NEVER give anyone information - This includes place of residence, name, the places you frequent or anything else that could be used against you. Exceptions may be made for bosses and the like.

Always be armed or have a weapon nearby - You never know when you might need one.

Dont frequent social areas - Gryam is generally never found in taverns during the day or afternoon when they are most busy. If he is to be found in such a place it would be during the late hours of the night or early hours in the morning. Smoking a cigar and enjoying a card game by himself.


The Baelmoore Crew


Hardly anything is known about Gryam's family, his mother is believed to be a prostitute and gave birth to Gryam in a brothel. His father is unknown.


Little is known except that Gyram lived a harsh youth in the slums of Stormwind, scraping for food daily and begging in the streets.. though he showed suprising resilience to the illness infested slums of old town. Just before he was a teenager he had decided to leave Stormwind and make a name for himself, as unlikely as that would be. He stowed away on a cargo ship bound for booty bay and found himself a new home. Growing up there wasnt as hard as the slums but it was pressing enough. Booty bay afterall was no place for growing children. He was took in by a pirate of the Bloodsail buccaneers called Jack Farrowduke and was taught how to fight, to steal, to kill. He began to accept jobs as a hired blade from who the Bloodsail buccaneers considered enemies and this didnt please Farrowduke and his men one bit. They plotted revenge against the young man who so betrayed them, and one night as Gryam went about his chores in the mess hall, a lone drunken sailor had said too much, he revealed the plot against the boy. Gryam left instantly, but not for good. He returned later, the following night. Slitting the crewmen's throat and the pirate that took him in, raised him as a son - Jack Farrowduke. Since that incident he returned to Booty bay and became a praised killer among the underground associations but was eventually caught thereafter. He was supposed to be shipped to stormwind on a prison barge for execution. But he lead a prisoner attack on the ships guards and they escaped. He has since returned to Stormwind. Doing what he does best.

Current statusEdit


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