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Possession, Mind-Control and AmnesiaEdit


This new guide (my third one, thanks everyone for the support shown on the previous two!) has it's origin on the following post, by Auburn, of <The Order>: [1]

Possession, mind-control and amnesia are some keys of reiterated appereance in roleplay... And most of times, they are done in a very wrong way. As i write on every guide:

  • Roleplay is supposed to be FUN for every faction and player involved, not only for the "main" character, crew, or guild.

Think of every point of this guide as a sketch to follow, these rules are not made of stone. I am just offering some tips, and thoughts to have in mind whenever you are playing these traits.


What is a "possession"?Edit

We will refer to "possession" when speaking of another entity taking control of a character. If you are looking for character-to-character possession, look further in 2.Mind-Control.

How do i RP a possessed character?Edit

The minor details of a possession are something to have in mind... Are we speaking of a demon? An ancient spirit? In some cases, you can point out physical features on your character (using FlagRSP, MyRP, or any other similar add-on) like glowing eyes, growing horns, and other mutated stuff... However, seriously, do not. I mean, posessing entities actually want to go unnoticed! If they are acting under a "disguise" (meaning that yourself is the carnival costume), it means they want to do something that they don't want to be caught... And walking around with claws, hooves and/or horns might not be the best of ideas.

So, straight to the point: "how do i RP a possessed character"? Acting like someone else acting like the character. Let's say it again, a bit more clear. You have to roleplay someone that is imitating someone's else behaviour. More or less, act slightly different than you used to.

Let's say that some character is very fond of rum. So every time that he/she goes to the local inn, to enjoy some time with friends, takes down a whole barrel alone. However, that very character got possessed, by reason X, two days ago... Then, when the time comes to go the inn, that character asks for some [Morning Dew Glory], and when somebody points out the fact that he/she is drinking something different reacts strangely as well: getting mad, laughing, saying that he/she always drank that... You name it.

The player, in most cases, wants the possession to be uncovered. That's why you should react and act giving hints.. But don't go directly to the "GRAOAAR I'M A DEMON DIE!", this will make a 20-minutes event that almost nobody will like. Roleplay must be slowly built, and slowly appreciated. Roleplay is a very sweet and old wine, you have to enjoy it. Everyone must (I'll never say it enough times).

The possession plotEdit

Why is your character possessed, by the way? Are you someone of importance in the human world? You found a strange artifact that whispers bad thoughts in your mind? Remember, a story has to make sense! Why is the king of the netherworld possessing a common farmer in his plot for world destruction? Or am ambitious sellsword? We are speaking of entities that love plotting and scheming... They should have something similar to common sense, at least a bit, right?

As well, when you are possessed, your are not simply "left behind". There should be somewhat of a "brain wrestling" between the original mind, and the new one, for the control of your body. It's because of that that the possessing spirit will find someone alike to him, or that will allow it to shape slowly the consciousness towards the desired objective. One is always owner of one's actions, remember this. A demon possessing a paladin will not be able (and i mean won't!) force him to kill someone unless the paladin, deep inside him, wishes to do so.

If they indeed can force all their bidding into the new body, then forget about coming back. The host is gone, and the possessing spirit is the new owner of the body (and, again, responsible for the body's actions).

Breaking freeEdit

What to do, when the plot has been revealed, and you want your character back to the old condition? Fight someone that knows about these matters. Warlocks, priests, mages... Most caster classes, sooner or later, have to deal with something like this, and should know some kind of remedy. Perhaps a crystal prison to bind the evil spirit, to never escape again? An ancient ritual? Magical cleansing? Up to you, but, as well.. Make it to make sense!


The most juicy part... The development of your own character after becoming itself again. So, what happened here? Did the possession tainted and completely changed the old personality? Is it suffering from guilt for some actions that, after all, it is responsable for?(see The possession plot, and stop slacking!). And what of the people around you? Do they believe it was someone else? Do they still blame you?

The aftermath is something to consider after every RP, so as i said in the first guide (Guide to Evil RP, a bit of self-advertising here. Go read it if you haven't yet!). What, you do not want any results of your RP at all? Then, why did you start it? If it does not add anything to the world, it might not be worth the effort, don't you think?


What is mind-control?Edit

We will refer to mind-control as one player forcing other characters actions, not by subletly, but by direct means. As an overview, think of the puppetmaster and the puppet. One decides what is the other one doing.

How do i RP a mind-controller character?Edit

So, interested in being the puppeteer? Then, a few notes to have in mind. What is your "weapon of choice"? Are you using an arcane controller? Perhaps you were born with psychic powers? The force of nature gives you control over living entities? WoW is very open when it comes to magic and similar methods, just do something that can be believed.

And no, for the tenth time, you cannot be the Aspect of Time/Life/Magic/Earth incarnated trying to forge a future for the children. Take this issue seriously!

After considering your methods, what do you do to do it? It's an ongoing power? Channeled? Do you have to concentrate? Can you move? Perhaps your soul leaves your body meanwhile? Whatever you do, try to leave a scape point for the victim character. Nothing is flawless. Otherwise, The Burning Crusade would be already winning.

And, yet again, remember to make it fun for everyone!

How do i RP a mind-controlled character?Edit

This is easier than the controller: just do what you are told to do. The controllers say 'jump'? Then, you jump. The controller says 'eat'? You eat. The controller says 'kill the children'? Then, perhaps, you will do it.

Perhaps, that's the key. Follow the simple orders like 'go there', 'get that', 'tell this to someone', but when an order arrives that makes your character do something that normally would not... Then, fight back. More Brain-wrestling. Decide OOCly the outcome, roll, or whatever you want to do. But remember, it's your choice what do you want to RP, and what not.

Breaking freeEdit

Sooner or later, this will get boring. After all, it's you (now referring to the puppet) who want to play like you want to play, not to be told what to do, always. So then, same steps as in 1. Possession. You have jumped to read this first? Scroll back, and re-read. It's a good guide, isn't it?


Nothing new to say here.

Amnesiac charactersEdit

What is amnesia?Edit

Amnesia is a condition in which memory is disturbed. The causes of amnesia are organic or functional. Organic causes include damage to the brain, through trauma or disease, or use of certain (generally sedative) drugs. Functional causes are psychological factors, such as defense mechanisms. Hysterical post-traumatic amnesia is an example of this. Amnesia may also be spontaneous, in the case of transient global amnesia.

Thank you, Wikipedia.

How do i RP an amnesiac character?Edit

As stated, amnesia makes your character to forget about specific events. Might it be that you just discovered someone who's in The Dark Embrace, and they played with your mind so you can tell one? *whistles innocently* Perhaps you suffered a traumatic experience that your own brain locks on to avoid that you go mad?

Anyway, the amnesic block will react towards any mention of the specific memory, and your character will also react accordingly. It could be a mind attack, blocking your body to mention anything of it (speaking/writing/etc). It could also make you faint, get very nervious...

Actually, it could do if you just react madly, getting angered, just ignoring the issue... Of course, try to give a hint or two on what happens.

And please, avoid things like /e tries to tell about SOMETHING but he/she can't speak any words. We cannot read your thoughts, really. Well, some people can, but that's other issue. Emoting /e tries to speak but he/she can't speak any words. Will do. Usually, a correct emote is not really that different from a wrong one.

Returning to normalEdit

Sometimes, your character will just return to normal. Sometimes it won't, for the sake of any other thing. Just remember that your new situation can be just as fun as any other!

But, of course, remember: it's your own choice. Do not accept to do something you will later regret.

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