Wòóds's Guide to Roleplaying a Gnomish Character Gnomes might be very well one of the hardest races to roleplay, I've seen an awfull lot of "stupid" gnomes, wich is round-about ridiculous, And even the most terrible thing that ever happend to me, Gnomes roleplaying as Human childeren... If you're one of those people don't even bother reading this and go punch nails through your face. You deserve it. Thank you.

Disclaimer: I am NOT implying this is the way how you should Role-play a Gnome. There is always something called creative freedom.

Disclaimer 2: The layout and idea was made by Celegil all credit of this goes to him.

Disclaimer 3: Not everything is typed by me and it's far from perfect, several info is taken from WoWwiki and other sites.

Chapter One: Common typesEdit

Engineer Fromt flying Ace to High Tinker, Gnomes have a great array of ranks and titles in the world of engineering. (will add complete list later)

Wizards and Mages Few of the greatest magi were gnomes, due there brilliant mind these gnomes were able to learn incredible spells. A notable example is Edgar.

Chapter Two: Behavior and Appearance.Edit

Behavior: Gnomes are great friends of the Ironforge dwarves and have fought and died alongside human soldiers. They are wary of the high elves, but so is everyone else, so they don’t feel too bad about that. They battled the Horde in the Second War and have a bit of a grudge against orcs, but gnomes are a kindly and forgiving lot and are willing to give the orcs a second chance. Gnomes and goblins have always been rivals — though whether this rivalry is friendly or brutal depends on the individuals involved. Gnomes have not been on Kalimdor long enough to form proper opinions about its denizens. Tauren and night elves both seem rather rustic for gnome sensibilities — but they can make friends with anyone. Gnomes in Night Elf territories are tolerated, despite the high number of gnomes who work with arcane forces and destructive engering. The gnomes believe that with their use of arcane magics and technology they offer something that night elves lack in defense of their lands.

Appearance: Gnomes are small, slight and nifty. They somewhat resemble dwarves, but are even shorter, not as stocky, and have large heads in proportion to their bodies. They have large noses and ruddy skin, their ears are large and rounded, and their hair color varies wildly, some even having pink hair. They have four fingers on each hand. They are often seen with goggles, tool belts and other items related to their technological inclinations.

Chapter Three: AgeEdit

A gnome ages just as fast as a dwarf, growing facial hair on remarkable young age making it hard to quess, They stay small however, usually around 2.6 - 3.0 feet tall

Chapter Four: RelationsEdit

Gnome have an intrest in every race, due there curiosity and happy nature. Some will often try to befriend each race that crosses their path.

Humans: Gnomes consider humans as their equals, but they tend to disagree with eachother.

Dwarves: Great allies, and also the first race to discover the Gnomes, when Dwarves just invented Gun powder, The gnomes already had an entirely mechanized village. The Dwarves aloud and helped them building the city of Gnomeregan in the mountains of Dun Morogh and they see eachother as great cousins ever sinse.

Night Elves: Seem to dislike gnomes for their large use of Arcane magic and technical exploitment. Though the Gnomes proved to be usefull and friendly towards the Night elves, Even so the relation between these two races is the most unstable one in the Allience.

Draenei: Gnomes are amazed by Dreanei technology and they get along quite well. the soft and nice nature of the Draenei and the happy and curios nature of the Gnomes they easely grew fond of eachother.

Closing Comments:Edit

Thank you for reading, I know it's done very sloppy and there isn't really information about HOW you could RP. even though I hope this could prove somehow helpfull. I will patch this up whenever I find time. Also I'm unexperienced with Wiki and my grammar isn't the best. I would appriciate: edits, feedback and critique

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