Alliancecrest small Haben Rumbleshot McGowland
Title(s) "Nimblefeet"
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Class Rogue
Age Old
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation None
Occupation Ex-Smuggler
Status Alive
Relative(s) Durner McGowland


Haben 'Nimblefeet' Rumbleshot McGowland

Physical TraitsEdit

An old dwarf with a large nose and grey beard. He limps a bit.

Race and ClassEdit

Male Dwarf Rogue




Thief, Smuggler


Brother - Durner McGowland


Haben grew up in Kharanos in a small hunter family. Unlike the rest of his family, he became a succesful thief. He was occasionally caught, but his agility and capacity to hide in large groups usually helped him escape and earned him the nickname 'Nimblefeet'. Just like his brother Durner he started having health problems as he grew older and one of his legs became weaker than the other (Downgrading his nickname to 'Nimblefoot'). So, he secretly followed his brother down to Stormwind. Being in a worse state of health than his brother, he still continued having pills, until he discovered the Cult of Blood. Sometime after this, Haben met Berdrin Stormspanner, who managed to partially heal his leg. Berdrin convinced Haben to join his Brigade to make up for his past crimes. More recently, he has offered the Malvalon Gang, whom he considers to be honourable criminals, to be a mole within the Nutcracker Gang, whom he considers to be a bunch of dangerous murderers.

Family BackgroundEdit

The McGowland are a small, reclusive clan of Kharanos Dwarf Hunters. The first McGowland to break the mold was Haben McGowland, who became a succesful thief nicknamed "Nimblefeet". But even Haben has the McGowland pride and tendency to completely exagerate their own qualities and talents.

It is believed that the McGowland clan may have origins in the Marriage of a Human and Dwarf many generations ago. However, the only proof supporting this theory is the family name and a slightly greater height average.

Current StatusEdit

Keeping his ears and eyes open.


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