Hordecrest small.gif Heatharn
Image of Heatharn
Gender Female
Race Forsaken
Class Mage Shadow Priest
Age 23 + 2
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

Heatharn's eyes are red and burn with a shadowy fury, her form engulfed and distorted by shadow. Her eyes gaze over her surrounding with a kind of seductive cunning. Her mouth, which has been stitched onto her face, often expresses mild amusement, but when she smiles, it reflects a more sadistic side to her.

Her hair is clean, but blackened. Not her natural hair color, nor colored by dyes, something more sinister has made it this way.

Background[edit | edit source]

A former Apprentice Mage of Dalaran, Heatharn, then known as Heather, had a tendancy of falling for the wrong men. This tendancy eventually led to her murder at the hands of an abusive human warrior.

This unfortunate event did not, however, change her choice in relationships post-mortem, but the slightest hint at that a man was not perfect and she would cuss at the entirety of the gender, at least until the next handsome man walked by.

This all changed, though, when the powerhungry Forsaken woman Déliana decided that she wanted Heatharn as a mind controlled slave. Although she no longer uses her powers on Heatharn in such a way, what she did left certain lasting effects. Heatharn is now completely devoted to Déliana and would die for her.

As a Forsaken, Heatharn is rather imfamous for the dreadful stench of her homebrewed perfume. The stench is a combination of severe decay, grave moss, overripe berries and flowers not normally associated with pleasant scents. The stench is enough to turn an Orc's stomach, but her mistress seems to enjoy the smell. In later times, however, she has not been using her perfume. At least, not on herself.

Recently, a pact made with the Shadow has lead Heatharn irredeemably away from her arcane teachings, into a far more sinister world.

Current Status[edit | edit source]

Heatharn was recently killed by the Crimson Sun Brigade for various crimes.

Other[edit | edit source]

Heatharn used to possess a "pet", the even more insane Forsaken Lessia Tossington, who, after being forced to ingest some of Heatharn's special perfume, became highly addicted to it. Lessia eventually broke free from Heatharn, but later returned to her, supposedly for Heatharn herself, rather than the perfume. Some might have seen the relationship as a case of unrequited love. In the end, though, Lessia had enough of Heatharn's cruelty and abandoned her to her fate at the hands of the mercenary brigade.

Heatharn's name is pronouned like "Heather" with an "n" at the end.

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