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I carry him to my ship

He seems to be asleep

But the deep blue colour of his lips

Is enough to make me weep...

It was almost morning as Shadow Hunter Bamboo'Chaa made his way into the Atal´Loa settlement in Stranglethorn Vale. He stripped off his armor before entering his hut, he was not going to risk waking up his family. He could not help but to smile as he saw his family sleeping, little Tanyi´Chaa who was exhausted after crawling around all day, playing and his beloved Vazja who was at the end of her second pregnancy.

The last six months had turned out oh so stressful and his his family was the only thing that offered him any peace of mind. He looked forward to the new baby, he prayed for a son and as Vazja´s belly grew larger he became assured the Loa would bless him once more, with a strong heir who would carry on his dream.

He was tired and carefully lied his big body down on the pelts that made their bed, he felt as he was awoken right away but the sun was up so two hours at least had passed. Vazja was shaking him, complaining about pain, she snarled at him claiming this was it! he moved to sit up and felt the pelt was wet.

He asked her to lie back and breathe, gently stroking her blood red hair.

Want something for the pain? he asked her - I got theese herbs that... No! she snarled back at him at claimed it to be up to the loa so soothe her mind and any pain for this child to be born big and strong like it´s father would be worth it.

His heart swelled with love for his mate as he looked her in the eyes, she did not know fear. Suddenly a strange sound could be heard, he glanced over at Tanyi who was up at all four in her crib staring at them like a little tinker. He wiped the sweat of Vazja´s forehead before grabbing his daughter claiming she should be watched over.

He stormed outside, his head was blank, he felt strangely helpless. The infant in his arms began to cry, he regained focus and walked on towards a nearby hut.

Primal! Ceylin! he shouted, commanding the young troll couple to wake up, they had to watch the child.

Tas´Dingo came out, not happy about the rude awakening and would properly have beaten anyone but his leader because of it. he took the child and said he and Ceylin would come help if he could manage to wake her out of the sugar high...

'Chaa was not listening at all, he ran over to another nearby hut, Nihli, the oracle was already outside, dressed. Vazja she...- he uttered, I know said Nihli without a smile rubbing her eyes, sighing as Bamboo´Chaa turned to run and wake up the other ones.


Now there was a gathering of trolls outside the master´s hut, they wished to rejoice as a new child would be born into the order, nearest to the entrance was Azai´Zao, he felt compelled to listen in on this knowing he would become a father in a matter of months.

Bamboo´Chaa did not trust any of the witchdoctors to assist with the labour, the only one with true knowledge and experience of this was the oracle but Vazja did not like her, so 'Chaa had prepared to deliver the child himself.

Hours passed, the pain came and went as Vazja´s body took full control, Bamboo felt guilty as he had caused her some harm, overall he tried to remain calm, she seemed to be. He will be here before the sun is down she said, 'Chaa was surpriced to hear her say it, she had been fighting him on the gender since day one.

It seemed unreal the contractions came over her one last time.

The group outside the hut fell silent as they heard their high priestess cry out for over a minute.

Then there was silence.

Inside Bamboo´Chaa was holding a newborn baby boy in his large shaky hands. he was surprincingly light and small compared to the belly Vazja had been flashign around for the last few months. The newborn was not crying, Vazja raised herself up -"give him to me!" she uttered with a exhasuted voice. Bamboo carefully handled the newborn over before cutting the umbilical cord.

Vazja stared at her son, wiped his nose and mouth hoping his frail breathing was only being caused by some of the slime. She stared at him in fear, her heart raced in her chest, he... he´s not crying, he wont feed...

Bamboo'Chaa who had been washing turned his head, Of... of course not! he´s my son and knows no pain or hunger. He understood this was no time for jokes as he saw a lone tear make it´s way don´t Vazja´s cheek, of course newborns were to cry out. He moved over to her and placed his hand on the child rubbing him lightly in hope to get a reaction but all he could feel was a weak fading heartbeat.

The silence resumed as the door on the master´s hut were opened. Bamboo´Chaa stood before his fellow kin with the body of his firstborn son wrapped tightly in a white cloth. He walked through the small crowd, towering over most of them, he tried his best to avoid all eye contact before disappearing into the temple.

No man should have to bury his child

Yet this has been my share

The tears i shed run bitter and wild

It's a heavy burden to bear

His body feels so light in my arms

His skin is pale as snow

Yet his weight feels heavy in my heart

As my sadness continues to grow

-The Fate of Norns by Amon Amarth

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