Name[edit | edit source]

Hejin of Tirisfal, his second name is unknown to all.

Hejin of Tirisfal.

Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

Hejin is a young Human of 22 years of age, He wears his long red-brown hair in a ponytail, and has pale-unhealthy looking skin, he has large dark rims around his eyes due to his severe lack of sleep. He is poorly built as a man, and doesn't look to be very strong. Often seen carrying a black rose.

Race and Class[edit | edit source]

Male human, warrior.

Guild[edit | edit source]

Formerly The Dark Embrace, he now belongs to no order.

Occupation[edit | edit source]

Former Self proclaimed tactician to The Dark Embrace.

Family[edit | edit source]

(From left to right) Hetao, Hejin, Heilaine, Heather and Hezhao.

Father-Hetao-Deceased (murdered by Hejin)

Mother-Heilaine-Deceased (Murdered by Hejin)

Former Wife-Louise

Older Sister-Heather-deceased and buried (Died sometime after helping Hejin Kill the rest of his family)

Younger Brother-Hezhao-Deceased, murdered by Hejin after a recent encounter with his maddened brother.

Daughter-Heather-Deceased (Murdered by Ormsby)

Background[edit | edit source]

hejin was born into a wealthy family in tirisfal, and was raised to be the next head of the family, after his father inevitably would pass away. He spent much of his time with his sister heather, ignoring all but her, his training with thepol, and his monkeying about with kalliades, causing much tension between him and his brother, who resented hejin for being the favorite.

Hejin when he was younger

However, all of this was to end when the scourge invaded, and hejin's family was forced to take shelter with the scarlet crusade, who's ideals and beliefs crept into his family, all but him and his sister remained unchanged. Hejin and his sister planned to escape from their family, taking whatever what they could, however, heather demanded more, she wanted hejin to kill their entire family. So, one dark night they did, burning the house they once called home, and taking the entire family fortune with them, they moved to southshore, planning against the crusade further. Hejin then moved southward, to the new human capital, Stormwind, and joined with the scarlet mission, planning to betray them, however, this was all to fail, due to his sister's death.

"my sister...dead!?"

On his sister's deathbed, hejin vowed to crush the crusade, and to cherish himself, for his sister always told him that only when one can believe in themselves, can they believe in their goals. It was at this point that he began to lose his mind, making it much weaker to invasions from spirits and the like. Attracting one particular spirit into his mind, hejin was corrupted, and sought Imoenak of the scarlet crusade for help. imoenak's father khallid aided hejin, and attempted to remove the demon from his mind, however, hejin, bought over by promises of glory and power, killed khallid. And went on to attack the Scarlet missionary several times. After a while, eventually hejin joined the ranks of the dark embrace, doing many a horrid deed, including the capture and torture of imoenak, and many other atrocities. Hejin then fell in love with Louise of the scarlet crusade, and broke away from the Embrace, and got married, and had a daughter named heather after his sister. However this happiness was not to last, as Louise's sister Aydith kidnapped her, staging her death, forcing hejin and his friends to rescue her from the ruins of stratholme. This only worsened things, as Louise slowly lost her mind, and her memories after the tragic murder of their baby daughter heather.

Current status[edit | edit source]


After dueling Imoenak in a climatic showdown in Deadwind Pass, he plummeted off the bridge to his death.

Personal Notes[edit | edit source]

Hejin has always been one to pave a highly ambitious road before him, he has had dreams of leadership, conquest, and total domination. He lives a life of opportunism, striking his friends and foes alike when they are at their weakest, no one can totally trust him. He is totally in love with himself, and believes he is above all else, and believes that if you aren't beautiful, you aren't worth his time.

Hejin by Louise

In reality however, hidden by his Treacherous, vain persona any person could guess he is highly unpopular and disliked. The only people he connects with all wind up stabbed in the back.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Hejin is a pretty intelligent man, and considers himself a military tactician, and will use underhand tactics in a fight in order to attain victory.
  • Hejin is a master swordsman, and tends to constantly change his stance during battle, much to his opponent's confusion.
  • Hejin is a very agile and acrobatic fighter, and can effortlessly back flip over the top of his opponent.
  • Hejin wields roses with razor sharp points to them, and can throw several at a time accurately, has also used poison tipped roses too.
  • Hejin can read into someone's past by placing his hand to their head and keeping his mind focused however, this is very difficult for him to use and he prefers to not use it at all.
  • Hejin used to have a abyss shard given to him by Lashela but he has since 'lost' it.
  • Hejin has been marked by Annarima and now has the ability to use shadow tendrils, which can be used to entangle, or used as a whip, he has yet to use them however.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • Hejin is not a very heavily built man, and it doesn't take much to bring him down.
  • Hejin is a coward, and will attempt to run away, or will do some really stupid things as soon as the situation turns against him.

"Now now...remember your manners..."

  • Hejin doesn't sleep allot, if not ever, and relies on a potion to hold back the immense effects of his tiredness, it doesn't take much to realize it either with the massive black rims around his eyes and all..
  • Hejin has no magical abilities without the help of a magic book, or a wand, or some form of magical device.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hejin has a ponytail that reaches down to the back end of his waist, due to Merwyn's "hair regrowth potion".
  • Hejin has a unusual laugh, it can sound a bit feminine sometimes.
  • Hejin carries a mirror with him, all the time, even when he says he doesn't have it with him, or that it smashed, he does.
  • Hejin seems to have a endless supply of Roses up his sleeves, thats quite a lot of money put in the local flower shop isn't it?

Chibi Hejin! By...Hejin..

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "The defeat i have planned for the crusade is a very delicate tapestry dear, i wouldn't want the seams to come undone now would i?"
  • *upon being defeated*: "this is not a retreat, it is a tactical move for my future."
  • "I will find the intruders...gracefully!!"
  • *hugging himself* "Oh! how they resent my beauty so!"
  • "You think I'm...creepy?"

Friends[edit | edit source]

  • Imoenak- Hejin's Rival, whom he wishes to defeat the most.
  • Louise- Hejin's ex-wife, who is now deceased.
  • Kalliades- Hejin's childhood friend, they both accidentally burned down a barn when they were younger, hejin of course, duped Kalliades into cleaning it up while he ran off. They remain friends, but do have a light rivalry between them.
  • Thepol- Hejin's Tutor in the art of battle. Thepol taught Hejin how to wield a sword, and how to fight hand to hand well, they have a unsteady friendship at best.
  • Ormsby- After ormsby's recent murder of his daughter, their friendship lies in tatters.

Influences in making Hejin[edit | edit source]

Hejin is basically a compilation of every camp, annoying villain in any game/Anime/Manga, you've ever seen.

What Hejin *should* look like.

A few examples:

  • Kojiro Sasaki From Samurai warriors (game).


  • Bijomaru From Azumi (Japanese movie).


  • Orochimaru From Naruto (Anime/Manga).


  • Zhang He From Dynasty Warriors (Game).


Though at first, these characters may seem quite 1 dimensional, as if their sheer existence was to simply go around being evil while constantly acting very in love with themselves. These characters often have more than that side to them, much like Hejin does. Such as Kojiro, who often wonders what he is fighting for. But please, bare with me, even though i have selected quite a butt-ugly face for my character on Warcraft, he's meant to be quite good looking to the level of almost looking like a girl. (I frequently wish i could go back in time and slap myself in the face just before i chose that damn face...)

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