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Undead, Priest

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Unspeakable destiny allthough still assosiated with Will of the Forsaken

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Awakenig of Hellculla[edit | edit source]

Back when Tirisfal was still new in the hands of the Forsaken armies lead by the banshee queen Sylvanas. There awoke in the catacombs of the small Forsaken town of Deathknell, a woman in her midt forty’s. Even thou she hadn't been pretty in her days as living, she now looked horrid. When the plague had gotten to her she had been dumped in a river and had flowed into Lake Lordemere. There she had been lying for quite some time, and when her decaying body had washed up on the shore, rats had been busy, peeling the moistly flesh off her face. So now she lay there, slight green from the algae in her skin and flesh, and the rats had pilled off her lips, so it made a grim smile from ear to ear. She opened up her eyes and looked upon the moistly stone wall of the catacomb, at first she could not understand where she was, actually, she could not remember where she had been, or whom she was, even her name was only a distant whisper in her mind. She thought it strange that she didn't feel any fright by waking up in such a place, or even cold, her cloth where still dripping a bit. She looked upon her hand and made a twitch, the hand looked as if she was to move it to fast the skin would slip of her fingers. She tried to puke but noting other than some slimy water came out. Slowly she realized what she had become. She slowly tried to get up from the stone on witch she was laying, and when she tried to stand her legs did not obey her and she fell. But to her surprise only small pieces of skin came off. She tried to rub her hands together and nothing happened. She wasn’t as fragile as she had first thought. She began walking slowly to the stirs leading upwards….

Darkenmoores Betrayal[edit | edit source]

Will of the Forsaken, was founded many years ago, by Shakkaka, Hellculla, morloth, Cruelty and Gregor, a few years after Sylvanas had rebelled against the Lich king, and retaken Lordaeron. It was founded around the Graveyard in Sepulcher, a group of undeads formed the Guild to help newly awaken forsaken adapt to there new life, and teach them the History behind Lady Sylvanas and her Forsaken army’s. They hoped that by these teachings, the young Forsakens would be more resistant to the powers of the Lich king. For a long time many Forsakens was successfully brought into there new ways of existence, and things was looking good. But as least expected, the first strike against Will of the Forsaken was to come from within. One of the founders, Darkenmoore, who a while after the founding, had ventured out into the unexplored places of the world to gather intelligence, had apparently been corrupted in someway by the Lich king, and had acted as he’s spy. He had long been working on a plan to destroy Will of the Forsaken, so that the Lich king could gather even more Troops to he's ever growing army’s of Scourge. It was a dark time for Will of the Forsaken, Darkenmoore had been leaking information to the scourges, that enabled the scourge to make coordinated attacks upon outposts and training areas. Many was killed in these attacks, one of those killed where the mage trainer Shikakka, who was one of the founders. Shikakka had been leading a Exploration camp at a little Graveyard in Duskwood, he had long kept the Scourge at bay for long, but when the hour looked more dreadful than ever, and all Shikakkas apprentices where killed, Darkenmoore himself stood out from the shadows, and challenged Shikkaka. Shikakka fought bravely, but the Lichking had empowered Darkenmoore, and in the end Darkenmoore stood victories. The rumour of Shikakkas death quickly reached Tirisfal, here Shikakkas sister, Hellister, heard about her brothers death, she picked up a sword and swore an oath of revenge over Darkenmoore, and set out to find him. Darkenmoore succeeded in almost eradicating the Will of the Forsaken until only the founders was left, Hellculla, Morloth, Cruelty and Gregor, and a few appendences. The appendences were sent to Undercity to the Apothecarium, to learn under Guloth, that was head of the Plague development of that time. In the meanwhile Hellculla, Morloth, Cruelty and Gregor, joined Hellister in her quest to find Darkenmoore, they all had a reason for revenging the misdeeds and betrayals he had done. They hunted him over most of the Eastern kingdom, on these travels they encountered several other races, some of them where hostile, but in jungles of Stranglethorn, they meet a strange allegiance. Here they meet Trolls and Orcs, fighting beside each other. They had joined forces in distant lands, and had travelled to Stranglethorn to vagie war upon the Troll tribes that had hunted the Darkspear trolls from there homelands. Hellculla, Morloth, Cruelty, Gregor and Hellister agreed to help the Trolls and Orcs in there battle on the condition that a little group of warriors and trackers would help them locate Darkenmoore, and destroy him. After they had defeated the enemy troll Tribes, a Hunter by the name of Jebuktu, and a fierce Warrior named Grok agreed to venture join them. With the help of these new found races, they where able to track down Darkenmoore with quicken pace. They followed he path of destruction from Stranglethorn all the way to a Grove in the Eastern Plaguelands, where they where atlast to face him. It was a fierce Battle, Darkenmoores powers where growing and even thou we where outnumbered he was able to keep them at bay, but in the end they became to much for him and when it was over, Darkenmoore lay slain, unfortunately Morloth and Gregor was both killed in the battle. After Darkenmoore was slain, Jebuktu and Grok ventured back to the jungles to join there kinsmen in there fight. Hellister took her brothers place amongst Lorekeepers, but Will of the forsaken laid low for a long time.

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