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<nowiki>[[RPStories|Return to RP Stories]]</nowiki>
<nowiki>[[RPStories|Return to RP Stories]]</nowiki>

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Greetings fellow Steamwheedle-ers! I am Richeron, the founder of this wiki. I have created it for YOU to use! You are completely free to do whatever you like with it!...not! In order for this wiki to be minimaly manageable and presentable, each page has to fit within certain standards. Character pages particularly so.

So, I hereby present to you a guide to using this wiki! And you don't even have to know much wiki-text! If you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to request my help in-game or by writting down your problem here.

PART I - Types of PagesEdit

There are primarily three classes of pages that you need to concern yourself with:

Article PagesEdit

Article Pages are those pages where the actual information on the various subjects is stored. These are divided in to several primary types of pages including: Character Pages (Information on a playable or non-playable character); Guild Pages (Information on Guilds or Communities); Location Pages (Information on the Roleplaying aspects of a specific location of the WoW universe); Text Pages (Where you can store your stories, guides, essays, etc regarding roleplay); Subordinate Pages (Extra information on specific data that is attached to a different set of articles - Example: Items and Family Lines); Useful Pages (Pages where useful information is listed and kept. This does not include Rp Guides).

Menu PagesEdit

These are pages that allow easy access to the articles. They consist mostly of lists. As an example, you have the Character Menu, the Character List Menu(subordinated to the Character Menu) and the Rp Story Menu.

Category PagesEdit

Category Pages are mostly for organisation. They are created or updated by adding tags at the beginning or end of another page that identify it as part of that category. For instance, a Character Page about a Rogue will have [[Category:Rogue]] written at the bottom. Automatically, that page will be listed in the Rogue Category Page.

PART II - Character PagesEdit

Updated protocol is explained here: Character Template Help. It's simpler than it looks!

PART III - Guild and Community PagesEdit

Guild pages can be used to create a page for your guild, and for your community.

These pages have a similar structure to the Character Pages.

At the top, you add [[Category:Guilds]].

Then you write the text about your guild. You can, and should use headers to organise your text.

Then you add {{Guildtable}} at the bottom.

Finally, you add Category Tags to help identify what type of guild it is.

It can be:

  • [[Category:Role Play]] (A guild interested in Roleplaying)
  • [[Category:PvP]](A guild interested in PvP)
  • [[Category:PvE]](A guild interested in PvE)
  • [[Category:Raid]](A guild interested in Raiding)
  • [[Category:Family]](A relaxed guild of people who are just interested in being friendly. They may also have already been RL friends prior to the creation of the guild.)

The final and vital step is to add your article to the Guilds and Communities page. The articles are organised acording to their faction and to the type of communmity that it represents (Guild, Community of Individuals or Community of Groups (mostly refers to Guild Alliances). Extinct Guilds and Communities are also listed).

PART IV - Text PagesEdit

Most Text pages are Rp Stories. To create one, go to the Rp Stories menu and add [[Title of the Story]]. The list is sorted alphabetically by author. (You may notice some authors are clearly marked. This happens when they have created more than three stories). The link should then be red. Click on it to start editing it.

Then you add the following:


[[RPStories|Return to RP Stories]]


At last you add your text. And you're done.

PART N - Text FormatingEdit

You need to be careful. The wiki will completely murder your text's formating.

  • Do not leave a space at the start of a paragraph, it'll just create a mess.
  • To create a new paragraph you must 'press enter' at least twice. These two rules apply to anything, really.
  • To create a list you only need to 'press enter' once per item, but you have to place a * at the start of the line. For other ways to create lists check out: this link.
  • A double ' on either side of a piece of text will turn it in to italic text. A triple ' will turn it in to bold text.


PART N + I - Special PoliciesEdit

  • All vandalism will be rewarded with a temporary ban. Second offenses warrant permanent bans on your IP. I have done this before and will do so again if necessary. If you consider your ban unfair, you should leave a message here.
  • Different character = Different article - If you decide to kill off your character and use the same avatar and name for a new one, please do not overwrite your old character's article. Instead, you should move your old character's page to a page with his first and last name, and then write a new article with your new character's first and last name. If necessary, diambiguation pages can be created.
  • Preserving information - If your character dies, or you disband your guild, you should also not wipe out the information on your page. Instead, list the character as dead by adding [[Category:Dead Characters]] or, in the Guilds and Communities page, remove the guild's name from the active guild list and place it in the extinct guild list. If you have a special reason for wanting to delete your page, please inform me here.
  • Characters have their own articles. Your user articles are not for characters, they are for other uses, such as listing your characters, listing the pages you edit, giving info on you in RL (try to limit this, for your own safety. Wikia and I will not be held responsible if you decide to reveal your credit card's pin number here.) and as a generic sandbox for ideas and projects.

Image UploadingEdit

Search the left hand bar until you find the link Upload image or Upload image/file. Then click on it.

Then, choose the file you want to upload, taking in to consideration the notes there. Then, choose a file destination name that is specific to the image, in order to avoid writing over someone else's image (keep the .jpg/.png thing in). Write a summary with info on the picture, and choose a licensing (I think wow's stuff is Copyrighted but we have permission to use the stuff. I think.)

Then click on Upload File.

This should take you to the file's page. Copy the title of the page, including the Image: or File: bit.

Go to the article where you want to put the image and write this: (<blahblah> denotes stuff that is specific for your image)

[[Image:<imagename.jpg/png/etc>|right|thumb| 300 px | <Short description of the image>]]

The first field is the file, the second field (|right|) tells you on which side of the article the image will apear (right, left, centre), the third field (|thumb|) places a border around the image (you may remove it for special images that you want unbordered), the fourth field sets the maximum width of the image in pixels, resizing the whole image and the last field just puts a description of the image underneath the border.

If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a message in this article's discussion page.

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