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Robert Heston the fourth

Physical Traits Edit

Scarlet hair 6ft tall

Race and ClassEdit

Human Paladin/deathknight.

Guild Edit

Scarlet missionScarlet Missionary

Occupation Edit

Warrior of the light.


Father- Robert Heston the third

Mother- Siliya Heston

Brother- Luce Heston

Background Edit

Robert Heston was born in the town of brill to Robert Heston the thrid,a rich trader and Syilia Heston. There they lived for 30 years till the comming of the scourge. His father died fighting and what became of his mother was unknown. So as Robert and his brother Luce made thier way south, they came across Jainia Proundmoore taking refuges across the sea. Robert stayed behind as his brother went to Kalimdor. Eventually he arrived in stormwind a became a scarlet missionary hell bend on reclaming his homeland. On one crusade into the Plaugelands he came into contact with a black locket containing the soul of the Death knight Morticus Darkrune. As Robert placed on the locket he was taken over by the deathknight and forced to the lichkings will. Robert/Morticus then rode to the ruins of Alteric to summon an army of undead but was stopped by the combined forces of the Theramore Task Force and the free company. Together they stopped Robert Morticus by beheading him, killing Robert Heston but leaving morticus untouched. After the battle The spirit of morticus used his last remaining power to open a death gate to fenris keep where he was cared for by necromancers and had Roberts head reattached. Shorty after he recovered the Keep was under attack by cannons from the surrunding alliance forces. Morticus Rode into battle killing many alliance but the scourge forces had to retreat into the keep leaving Morticus out fighting. Eventually numbers felled morticus dragging Hestons body down. The alliance saw the locket and immidiantly destroyed it. This freed Morticus's Spirit and laid Hestons to rest. Roberts body was burned with holy flame, and hestons spirit rose up to the light.

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Will fill in late.

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