The town of Hillsbrad.

Background Edit

The Hillsbrad Fields is large and fertile cultivated area that provides food for the people Southshore and Hillsbrad. During the Second War the orcs stampeded through the Hillsbrad Foothills doing severe damage to the field, which back those days was probably an even larger and significant community. These days multiple peasants from all over Hillsbrad come and work here. The farms' economy appears to be based around apple production, however the southernmost orchard produces something else. There are also pumpkins and cows to be found scattered around the fields.

People Edit

Magistrate Burnside rules the town of Hillsbrad from its prominent town hall. Burnside is assisted by the Council of Hillsbrad and Clerk Horace Whitesteed, who take the wishes of Farmers Getz and Ray into careful consideration at council.

Three Apprentice Blacksmiths sell assorted weaponry, serving under Blacksmith Verringtan. Two tailors, vending assorted clothing, inhabit a small house on the far side of the southernmost orchard.

Server Lore Edit

The town and the surrounding area is used by the Last Legion of Lordaeron as another forward base on the area of Hillsbrad,due to it's location at the foot of Alterac.It is normally used as a meeting point for Soldiers who are going in and out of Hillsbrad Foothills to the Forsaken lands of Silverpine.

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