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-a small passage from Celegil's diary-

Dear Diary,

Its over. I met him long ago on the Island of Silvermyst. I remember he was fishing over the bay, south of the crashed Exodar. He smiled at me, I blushed. I remember he almost fell on the ground because he was stunned by my beauty. Oh Malreas, you were so sweet and passionate.

We fished together on Silvermyst Isle. I was rubbish at it but he tried to teach me some skills by holding the rod in front of me while he had his arms under my shoulder. Yes..that was our first physical contact. I turned around and smiled a bit. And then..we sat together..closer...and closer. My lips touched his beard after which he put his hands on the back of my neck. His lips touched my lips, and we kissed. Then we wend into the forest and walked over the whole island, sharing our pasts, our story, our passions..

-a small tear-drop can be seen on the last passage-

Our love had begun. So much was against us. So many battles, so many hardships. He was a dangerous man. He had this inner demon that did horrible things, dear Diary. He felt he was a horrible man and did not deserve me. Though, did I deserve him? I think not, I don't deserve any luck after what I have done to the two Sentinel's families. I am a horrible woman. But I don't know what Elune was thinking when she caused me to meet Malreas. Perhaps she wanted me to have some luck again.

Despite all our hardships, our love was rewarded by Elune, a beautiful son. We named him Kailahan, he was a beautiful hair, his body. He was one of the greatest gifts I ever had in my life. I love him and so did Malreas. He had so much fun with his father. I cried of happiness each time I saw them in Moonglade together.

Despite the love..Malreas felt he had to fight his inner demon, Dalreanas, for once last time. He broke out to me last night. We will meet each other for one last time on Monday, and then we will probably never see each other again. It will just be me and Kailahan. I hope I can proof to be a good mother for a Druid son. I don't have any experience whatsoever about Druidic powers or teachings at all. May Elune be with me while I nurse him to become a good man and Druid.

Rest, my dear Malreas...we will meet each other again one day, in this world, or the next.

Take care of him Elune, please, I beg of you..

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