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The following system of periods is entierly subjective. It may be used merely as a reference.

First Period | Early 2006 - Late 2006Edit

Primordial SWCEdit

  • The Steamwheedle Cartel realm went live to players for character creation in addition to realm transfer from the Argent Dawn and Earthen Ring realms on Monday January 9th 2006.


The Days of Scarlet BugsEdit

First HalfEdit

  • Death and Resurection of Drakeflare. (Pre June 5th)

Second HalfEdit

  • Scourge invasion. (June 21st?)
  • "In honour of Grom" (July 2 -7)
  • "Bloodlord of the Horde dueling compotion" (July 13th-15)
  • Dragon attacks Stormwind (July 14th)
  • The Horde Fancy Dress Ball (5 Aug)
  • Opening of the Ahn Quiraj gates. (6 Aug?)


  • Paid Migration starts

The Age of ChaosEdit

  • New Year -> 2007

Second Period | Early 2007 - Early 2008Edit

  • Formation of the first Alliance Council.
  • The first State of Stormwind is formed.
  • New Year -> 2008

Third Period | Early-Mid 2008 - Late 2008Edit

  • The rise and eventually fall of the Stormwind Night Watch. Served Stormwind from the beginning of the year till the mid of July. Disbanded when Viscount Ebonhart was killed.
  • The Policeman's Ball
  • From the ashes of the Stormwind Night Watch rose Free Company, a mercenary company lead by former Captain of the Night Watch,Caliyen Starbreeze. They conducted missions in Silverspine Forest and Ashenvale.
  • 'Aid requested to Silithus' - A massive travel/journey type event organised by Redemptio Coronae which took place on the 19th of August. Most major guilds took part in this event which was a great success.

New Year -> 2009

Fourth Period | Early 2009 - Mid-Late 2009Edit

  • Fireaxe Clan assembled 4th January and disassembled the 13th of February.
  • The Fenris Island Siege.
  • Free Company disbanded after it had accomplished its purpose of supplying the sacked people of the Stormwind Night Watch with a steady income. Captain Caliyen Starbreeze re-assumed her position in city guard in the resurrected The State of Stormwind. Many former mercenaries followed Caliyen back to the city guard.

Fifth Period | Late 2009 - ...Edit

The First Two YearsEdit

As seen from Richeron's point of view:


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